Cody lives her dream at Bonaventure

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By Matt Stasiw

Claire Cody, the newest walk on and player for the St. Bonaventure women’s basketball team, has always felt a connection to SBU.

At a young age, she learned from her brother just how special the school is.

“My older brother went here, and seeing the candle-light ceremony and how special that was, I felt a connection every time I came here”, Cody said.

However, Cody didn’t always plan on attending Bonaventure.

She started the year committed to play Division II basketball at Southern New Hampshire University.

“I knew it wasn’t the right fit,” Cody said. “I emailed Coach (Jesse) Fleming in August, and he gave me the opportunity to try out here.”

Cody has many outside motivations.

“If I wasn’t not playing, I’d feel bad for my parents,” said said. “They always drove me to so many places that I had to repay them.”

She said that she “needed” to play at Bonaventure.

“I can’t imagine not playing basketball,” Cody said. “I love the competition, and so many people never get this opportunity, I just had to try out here.”

Cody said she fits in to the Bona system because of the compassion from her teammates.

“I don’t feel any different because I am a walk on,” she said. “The girls have taken me under their wing.

“I’m going to go out there and give it my all. I just have to be a good teammate, make everyone better, and make the hustle plays that coach needs me to make.”

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