COLUMN: Know Your Power. Vote.

photo: Getty Images

By Akim Hudson  

Election Day is today. For first time voters, anxiety and bewilderment is at its optimum.  

To provide some advice so one doesn’t feel as if they have a vacuous mind, I advise one to make their own decision on Election Day.  

Regardless of what the news and media outlet’s opinion is, regardless of what your parent(s) and peers may believe, your vote is of your own volition.  

If you agree with Trump’s policies, and believe that he may be beneficial to the well-being of the nation, vote for him.  

If you advocate what Biden stands for and believes that he has something beneficial to offer that Trump does not, vote for him.  

Do not allow external factors attribute to the bedeviling politics could cause.  

Do not fall victim to the pathology of United States politics. 

 For those who do not plan on voting for whatever their reasons are, you are not wrong to not partake, but you are potentially committing a disservice to yourself. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with how your country is being governed, and if one says any other answer than “yes,” they must vote.  

Peace. Vote.  

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