Due process shouldn’t apply here

By Jeff Fasoldt, @Jeff_Fasoldt

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to sports news lately, you would know that the NFL is floating in an ocean of embarrassment right now.

First, there was the Ray Rice video that showed the suspended and released former Ravens running back striking his fiancé twice in an elevator with his fist and knocking her unconscious.

Then there was Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, arrested for beating his girlfriend and threatening to kill her (going as far as tossing her on a pile of automatic weapons). He could play on Sunday night this week against the Steelers.

And now we get to Adrian Peterson; heavily endorsed, recognizable to the public, and stat-wise the top running back in the NFL. He was recently indicted of criminal neglect after being accused of beating his 4-year-old child with a switch (small tree branch), which he admitted to.

In Peterson’s most recent beating of his son, pictures arose of wounds that went down his son’s legs. The six-time Pro Bowler actually did some damage to his sons scrotum and apologized, saying it was an accident and he didn’t mean to hurt him.

Since then, the Vikings on Sunday deactivated Peterson before they lost 30-7 to the Patriots. The team then reactivated him Monday even after new allegations of him abusing a different son, with a different woman, have surfaced. Peterson has since been deactivated once again by the Vikings.

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The Vikings must trade Adrian Peterson now

By Tanner Jubenville, @TMJubenville, Contributing Writer

Some actors never win an Oscar.

Some people exceed expectations whether it be at work, school or home, but never get rewarded.

Sometimes, the most valuable player in an entire league fails to win at the highest level.

Several records shattered.

Rookie of the Year.

Five-time Pro Bowler.

Five times voted All-Pro.

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