Bona grad Wojnarowski goes Vertical

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

When he was a senior living in St. Bonaventure’s Francis Hall, Adrian Wojnarowski could not have possibly envisioned the path his career in sports journalism has taken.

Back then, “Woj” was receiving rejection letters from every newspaper he applied to. Instead of lining his dorm room wall with posters like many college students, he decorated by posting each letter.

“By the spring of my senior year, it was covered,” Wojnarowski said. “Some were nicer than others, some were just form letters, but I don’t feel that far away from that.”

He may not feel that far removed from the disappointment that came with rejection, but the NBA’s go-to reporter for breaking news and inside scoops isn’t receiving any of those letters anymore. Last Friday, he launched a site of his own, “The Vertical with Woj,” on Yahoo! Sports.

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Interview with Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski and recap of the Dick Joyce Sports Symposium

By Tony Lee, editor in chief, @sHecKii

The New York Knicks’ blockbuster trade to bring Carmelo Anthony back to the east coast became the second “Best St. Bonaventure tweets” graphic.

J.P. Butler, the Bonnies’ men’s basketball beat writer for the Olean Times Herald, won this week’s contest with his “What happens in 2 years when #Knicks line-up looks like this: C. Paul, C. Anthony, L. Fields, A. Stoudemire, Andrew Nicholson?”

Here is the updated standings (click here to read the contest’s rules):

1) J.P. Butler, ‘07 alumnus, @JPbutler10: 30
T-2) Sabrina Maddeaux, ‘10 alumna, @sabzPR; Adrian Wojnarowski , ‘91 alumnus, @WojYahooNBA: 28
4) Michelle McKernan, class of 2012, @Shell_McKernan: 27

T-6) Ryan Papaserge, class of 2012, @Papaserge, Sam Wilson, class of 2012, @samwils, Ryan Lazo, class of 2013, @RMLazo13: 24
T-9) Courtney Cobb, class of 2012, @cbcobb; Kelly O’Dell, class of 2013, @Kelly_Odell; Kathryn Dickinson, ‘03 alumna, @KatieBea; Pete Cauvel, class of 2011, @PeterCauvel; Chris Graham, class of 2012, @CWGraham17: 21

14) Amanda Klein, class of 2012, @inKliened: 10
15) Emily Sorokes, class of 2012, @EmilyESorokes: 8
T-16) Kyle Zappia, class of 2012, @Kzap131; Emilee Lindner, class of 2012, @Emilee537; Kimberly DeSimone, a school of business lecturer, @KimberlyDeSimon; Stephannie Cravatta, class of 2012, @Its_Stephannie: 1