Bonnies bounce back in return home

By Teddy Caputo @teddy_capoots

After dropping their last two contests the St. Bonaventure men’s soccer team came back in a big way this past Sunday at the Marra Athletics Complex, coming out with a 1-0 victory over the Albany Great Danes.

On a beautiful and sunny day the home crowd was filled with energy and excitement.

The Great Danes put pressure on the Bonnies early with two shots that could have changed the dynamic of the game. Senior forward Afonso Pinheiro’s shot bounced off the left post and went out of bounds. The other close call came when Bonnies goalie Luke Iacobellis deflected Great Danes’ forward Nico Solabarrieta’s shot to keep the game scoreless.

Hustle and physicality dominated the match with several fouls on both teams.

In the 47th minute a collision between Bonnies’ Kieran Toland, Kosi Nwarfornso and Great Danes’ goalie Danny Vitiello had Toland slow to get up at first, but he shook it off on the sideline and returned later.

Before the game, Toland said his team knew they needed to outwork the Great Danes if they wanted to get a victory.

“Our work rate was absolutely incredible,” Toland said. “We could have been a little bit more composed with the ball and kept the ball a little more; but we said that if we work harder than they do, then we will win the game.”

That hard work paid off in the 55th minute of the game when junior midfielder Isaiah Wilson scored after Nwafornso’s shot deflected off Vitiello and back to Wilson who chipped the ball into the goal giving the Bonnies a 1-0 lead.

Wilson said it felt good to get his third game-winner of his collegate career.
“I was a little nervous,” Wilson said. “But I remember my coach telling me to stay calm when I get around the net, and that’s what I did.”

As the game wrapped up an altercation broke out between Pinheiro and the Bonnies’ Nicola Bonso after both players made valiant efforts going for the ball and slid into each other. The scuffle was broken up immediately and play resumed.

The Bonnies held off the Great Danes’ for the rest of the game, winning 1-0.
The win marks their third of the season, giving them a 3-2-1 record on the season so far.

This was their first win after losing their previous two games against Canisius and Houston Baptist.

The Bonnies will look to carry the momentum from this home victory into their next match against Hartwick, who comes to the Marra Athletics Complex on Saturday, September 16th at 7:00 pm.

This Day in Bonaventure History

By Joe Pinter, News Editor, @JPinter93

November 27, 1992

Fr. Joseph Girzone was born in 1930 in Albany, N.Y. He is a writer, most known as his author of the Joshua series. (The Joshua Series is a biblical fiction series that tells the story of a modern day Joshua – a remarkable man of God. More than 6 million copies of the series have been sold.)

Fr. Girzone entered the Carmelite Order in 1948; he was ordained a Catholic priest seven years later. After many years of serving New York churches, he retired in 1981 for health reasons. After his retirement, he became a full-time writer and speaker.

It was on this day that Fr. Girzone came to St. Bonaventure University to address students about his life and his religion.

Fr. Girzone resides in Altamont, N.Y.

SBU alumnus addresses students

By Joe Pinter, News Editor, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Oct. 25) — While a little calmer since his gubernatorial candidacy, Carl Paladino can still draw a crowd.

Yesterday at 12:30 in the Walsh Amphitheater, Paladino, a 1968 St. Bonaventure University graduate, addressed nearly a hundred students on subjects ranging from his days at Bonaventure to the 2010 run for governor of New York.

He was introduced by Pierre Balthazard, dean of the School of Business, and Rocco Lamparelli, a junior business major.

“You have an opportunity today that many won’t have,” said Paladino. “Your parents, your guardians, your families that encouraged you to go on to school have given you an opportunity to do in life what makes your feet hit the ground running. You have been given that opportunity. For many of you that opportunity will be in your family business.”

A Buffalo businessman, Paladino has worked on the board of trustees for Bishop-Timon St. Jude, Bonaventure, Erie Community College and D’Youville College throughout the course of his life.

In addition, he has also served as director of Buffalo Place, a city waterfront agency, and a local Boy Scout troop.

“I think I can speak for everyone, and your parents, when I say to you: your ancestors came here to give us, and you, an opportunity for a better life,” said Paladino. “An opportunity to do what you really want to do.”

Paladino owns Ellicott Development Co., located in Buffalo. His company owns more than $700 million of property and has managed 4.5 million square feet. It is also the largest landlord in New York outside of Albany and New York City.

In 1991, Buffalo named him businessman of the year. And then in 1993, he was named the Bonaventure alumnus of the year.

Like many successful businessmen, his business genes were passed onto his kids. The CEO of Ellicott Development happens to be Paladino’s son, William.

“I was fortunate,” said Paladino. “My children chose to come into my family business. They chose to join me in that business for what reason in particular, I can’t tell you. But I never tried to direct them in any particular way other than to find their dream. To go and do what they wanted to do and take the opportunity available to them.”

Paladino also spoke about hiring not only the best minds but also workers with the best social skills.

Paladino also spent time during his speech telling the audience the importance of having plans.

“It is necessary to understand the basic principles of building a business,” said Paladino. “Long-term attitude—an attitude that you’re there for the long stretch, not the quick hit. There are certain ethics and morals that carry into the business community.”

Paladino spoke for a while about when his company started off and how he secured deals with banks and clients. He believes everything should be done professionally with little interference from your personal lives.

Among those in attendance, Paladino’s speech hit home for a particular student—Morgan Gianni. His father owns a small business.

“Seeing that someday I wish to own my own company, I strongly value his wisdom and his ambition,” said Gianni, a sophomore marketing major. 

Gianni’s dad is also a very good friend of Paladino’s. He even helped him during Paladino’s run for governor.

Although his talk might have been directed towards business majors, his best advice applies to students in all majors.

“Always remember to think, ‘What does the future hold for me,” said Paladino.