Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine reigns supreme

By Andrew Bevevino 

Riches, elegance, luxury, laughs, irony, tragedy, and mental instability. Think this is too much for one movie? Think again. These elements, and many, many more, combine to craft the hopelessly tragic and wickedly humorous Blue Jasmine.

The story unravels around a delicate, young woman named Jasmine and her fall from the New York City socialite lifestyle. Jasmine, played by actress Cate Blanchett, was married to a filthy rich businessman named Hal, played by Alec Baldwin. Jasmine’s marriage implodes, leaving her with nowhere to live and, more importantly, no money to spend.

Forced to live with her less-privileged sister, Ginger, in San Francisco, Jasmine finds it nearly impossible to leave behind her life of glamor and excess. Accustomed to wearing ridiculous diamond rings and carrying Louis Vuitton luggage, this spoiled brat has never worked a day in her life. The plot centers on Jasmine’s search to find a substantial job, a wealthy husband and a luxurious lifestyle.

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