Alumni comments don’t represent Franciscan values

By Hannah Vail

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On Nov. 19, almost 100 St. Bonaventure University students, faculty and administrators posed for a picture to stand in solidarity with University of Missouri students of color and allies who recently protested a series of racial incidents on campus that went unaddressed by administration.

The demonstration was met with a deluge of less-than-enthusiastic feedback, mostly from SBU alumni (and the odd troll who never even attended the university). Comments ranged from telling SBU students to “Get a life,” to lamentations of the university’s decline. There was even a declaration from one commenter that she would not hire SBU alumni anymore. (As many current students pointed out, we probably wouldn’t want to work for her anyway).

I could write a piece about why it is important to stand behind Mizzou and other universities protesting racial inequality, but I won’t. I could pen a diatribe about how out of touch older generations are with social and political climates, but I won’t. Instead, I want to talk about Franciscan values.

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