Basketball: Atlantic 10 Student Media Preseason Poll

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The Atlantic 10 Media Days are complete, with the men’s side meeting in Pittsburgh last week and the women’s side congregating in Richmond yesterday. Polls were conducted by a group of select media members and the league’s coaches to determine the preseason predicted order of finish and all-league teams.

Because the media members the conference selected were all professionals, The Intrepid decided to conduct a student media preseason poll made up of student media members from across the A-10.

Seven of the league’s school newspapers contributed by submitting ballots of their men’s and women’s predicted orders of finish and their top male and female players for all-league teams.

The newspapers that participated were: The Intrepid- St. Bonaventure, The Good Five Cent Cigar- Rhode Island, The Duquesne Duke- Duquesne, Flyer News- Dayton, The GW Hatchet- George Washington, The Commonwealth Times- VCU, The Davidsonian- Davidson

Men’s Preseason Projected Order of Finish

  1. Rhode Island- 93 points, two first-place votes
  2. Dayton- 87 points, two first-place votes
  3. VCU- 85 points, two first-place votes
  4. Davidson- 81 points, one first-place vote
  5. St. Bonaventure- 66 points
  6. George Washington- 60 points
  7. Richmond- 58 points
  8. La Salle- 55 points
  9. St. Joseph’s- 34 points
  10. UMass- 33 points
  11. Fordham- 29 points
  12. George Mason- 20 points
  13. Duquesne- 18 points
  14. Saint Louis- 16 points

Preseason All-A10 First Team

Jack Gibbs, Davidson

E.C. Matthews, Rhode Island

Tyler Cavanaugh, George Washington

Charles Cooke, Dayton

Jaylen Adams, St. Bonaventure

Second Team

Jordan Price, La Salle

Scoochie Smith, Dayton

Hassan Martin, Rhode Island

Mo Alie-Cox, VCU

JeQuan Lewis, VCU

Women’s Preseason Projected Order of Finish

  1. Saint Louis- 95 points, five first-place votes
  2. George Washington- 91 points, two first-place votes
  3. Duquesne- 81 points
  4. Dayton- 75 points
  5. VCU- 72 points
  6. St. Bonaventure- 62 points
  7. Richmond- 47 points
  8. Fordham- 46 points

T9. Rhode Island- 45 points

T9. St. Joseph’s- 45 points

11. George Mason- 29 points

12. UMass- 22 points

13. Davidson- 16 points

14. La Salle- 9 points

Preseason All-A10 First Team

Jackie Kemph, Saint Louis

Caira Washington, George Washington

Charise Wilson, Rhode Island

Saicha Grant-Allen, Dayton

Janelle Hubbard, Richmond

Second Team

Amy Griffin, La Salle

Kadri Ann Lass, Duquesne

Amanda Szamosi, Duquesne

Mariah Ruff, St. Bonaventure

Hannah Schaible, George Washington




Men’s basketball: Bonnies picked fifth at A-10 Media Day; Adams named to first team

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By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

The St. Bonaventure men’s basketball team was picked to finish fifth in the Atlantic 10 by a panel of the league’s head coaches and select media members, the league announced at its Media Day in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Junior guard Jaylen Adams was named to the all-conference first team.

Fifth is the highest the Bonnies have been voted in the preseason poll since they were picked fourth in 2011-12, the year they went on to win the A-10 Tournament and receive an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. That was also the last time an SBU player was named a preseason first-teamer, when Andrew Nicholson was selected as a top-five player. Nicholson was named A-10 Player of the Year at season’s end.

For the second straight year, Dayton was voted the favorites to win the conference. Rhode Island was second, followed by VCU, Davidson and Bona. Richmond, La Salle and George Washington were sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively, while St. Joseph’s and UMass were ninth and tenth. Fordham, George Mason, Duquesne and Saint Louis rounded out the poll.

Davidson guard Jack Gibbs, George Washington forward Tyler Cavanaugh, Richmond forward T. J. Cline and Dayton guard Charles Cooke joined Adams on the first team.

List: Predicted Order of Finish

  1. Dayton
  2. Rhode Island
  3. VCU
  4. Davidson
  5. St. Bonaventure
  6. Richmond
  7. La Salle
  8. George Washington
  9. St. Joe’s
  10. UMass
  11. Fordham
  12. George Mason
  13. Duquesne
  14. Saint Louis

List: All-Atlantic 10 teams

First Team

G Jack Gibbs, Davidson

G Charles Cooke, Dayton

F Tyler Cavanaugh, George Washington

F T.J. Cline, Richmond

G Jaylen Adams, St. Bonaventure

Second Team 

G Jordan Price, La Salle

G Scoochie Smith, Dayton

F Hassan Martin, Rhode Island

G E.C. Matthews, Rhode Island

F Mo Alie-Cox, VCU

Third Team

F Peyton Aldridge, Davidson

F Joseph Chartouny, Fordham

F Donte Clark, UMass

G ShawnDre’ Jones, Richmond

G JeQuan Lewis, VCU

All-Defense Team

G Charles Cooke, Dayton

G Kyle Davis, Dayton

G JeQuan Lewis, VCU

F Hassan Martin, Rhode Island

F Mo Alie-Cox



Men’s basketball column: Firing at George Washington may change NCAA coaching culture

(Photo Credit: Dan Rich/GW Hatchet)

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

When the story of George Washington firing men’s basketball coach Mike Lonergan for “conduct inconsistent with the university’s values” first broke on Friday evening, it was easy to think about the Atlantic 10 ramifications first. The 50-year-old led the Colonials to three postseason appearances and a National Invitation Tournament (NIT) Championship in five years in D.C., making him difficult to replace, especially with practice starting on Oct. 1.

The pink slip, which may become a very expensive one since GW has to buy out Lonergan’s contract and faces a wrongful termination lawsuit, doesn’t just shift a part of the A-10 landscape, however; the entire NCAA coaching culture continues to be affected as well.

A 74-32 record over the past three seasons should be enough to garner contract offers from power five conference schools, let alone job security at your current position. But the fact that 13 players transferred over Lonergan’s tenure was hard to ignore, and the allegations of verbal abuse were even tougher to excuse.

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Men’s basketball: Bonnies were most-watched A-10 team on NBC Sports this season

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By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

When the Atlantic 10 makes its television schedule for the 2017 season, the St. Bonaventure Bonnies may make a few more appearances.

The Bonnies averaged more viewers per game than any other A-10 team on NBC Sports Network this past season, according to Nielsen ratings collected by Douglas Pucci for his “NBC Sports Ratings Buzz” on

Bona had four games on the network this season and averaged 78,500 viewers per game, 6,250 more a contest than second-place VCU. Dayton’s average of 60,500 viewers was third-highest.

SBU played in three of the five most-watched A-10 games on the network. The Feb. 20 game at Dayton drew 99,000 viewers, second only to the VCU-George Washington matchup on Feb. 27 that was watched by 113,000. The Bona-Davidson Atlantic 10 Tournament game on March 11 drew 91,000 viewers, while the Super Bowl Sunday matinee against Saint Louis that ended in a Jaylen Adams buzzer-beater was watched by 73,000.

Here is the full data from the 31 A-10 games on NBC Sports Network in the 2015-16 season:

Viewership numbers by team (sorted by average of viewers):

  1. St. Bonaventure- Four games, average of 78,500 viewers
  2. VCU- Four games, average of 72,250 viewers
  3. Dayton- Four games, average of 60,500 viewers
  4. George Washington- Seven games, average of 56,143 viewers
  5. Davidson- Six games, average of 50,500 viewers
  6. T5. Duquesne- Two games, average of 50,500 viewers
  7. St. Joe’s- Four games, average of 47,250 viewers
  8. George Mason- Three games, average of 46,333 viewers
  9. Saint Louis- Five games, average of 46,000 viewers
  10. UMass- Six games, average of 43,000 viewers
  11. Richmond- Four games, average of 42,000 viewers
  12. La Salle- Five games, average of 36,800 viewers
  13. Fordham, Four games, average of 34,500 viewers
  14. Rhode Island, four games, average of 31,500 viewers

Most-watched Atlantic 10 NBC Sports Network games

  1. VCU-George Washington: 113,000 viewers
  2. St. Bonaventure-Dayton: 99,000 viewers
  3. Davidson-St. Bonaventure: 91,000 viewers
  4. Saint Louis-St. Bonaventure: 73,000 viewers
  5. VCU-UMass: 70,000 viewers

Viewership numbers for each game in A-10 NBC schedule:

Jan. 2:

St. Joe’s-Richmond: 65,000 viewers

Dayton-Duquesne: 50,000 viewers

Saint Louis-Rhode Island: 34,000 viewers

Jan. 3:

Fordham/George Washington: 49,000 viewers

UMass/La Salle: 45,000 viewers

Jan. 10:

VCU/Saint Louis: 55,000 viewers

Richmond/Fordham: 29,000 viewers

St. Joseph’s/Rhode Island: 25,000 viewers

Jan. 16:

UMass/Davidson: 35,000 viewers

La Salle/Rhode Island: 23,000 viewers

Jan. 17:

George Mason/Saint Louis: 43,000 viewers

Jan. 24:

St. Bonaventure/VCU: 51,000 viewers

Jan. 30:

Fordham/UMass: 30,000 viewers

La Salle/Rhode Island: 23,000 viewers

Jan. 31:

George Washington/George Mason: 62,000 viewers

Feb. 6:

Davidson/Duquesne: 51,000 viewers

Feb. 7:

Saint Louis/St. Bonaventure: 73,000 viewers

Feb. 20:

St. Bonaventure/Dayton: 99,000 viewers

St. Joe’s/Davidson: 47,000 viewers

Feb. 21:

La Salle/George Washington: 40,000 viewers

George Mason/UMass: 34,000 viewers

Feb. 27:

VCU/George Washington: 113,000 viewers

March 5:

Davidson/George Washington: 40,000 viewers

March 10 (A-10 Tournament):

Fordham/Richmond: 30,000 viewers

George Washington/Saint Louis: 25,000 viewers

Rhode Island/UMass: 44,000 viewers

Davidson/La Salle: 27,000 viewers

March 11 (A-10 Tournament):

Dayton/Richmond: 44,000 viewers

St. Joe’s/George Washington: 52,000 viewers

VCU/UMass: 70,000 viewers

St. Bonaventure/Davidson: 91,000 viewers

Men’s basketball: Bonnies are A-10 regular season co-champions, three-seed in Brooklyn

(Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

The St. Bonaventure men’s basketball team’s 76-67 win over Saint Louis, along with Dayton’s victory 68-67 over VCU, has earned the program its first-ever share of the Atlantic 10 regular season title.

SBU (22-7, 14-4 in A-10) shares the crown with VCU and Dayton. Due to tiebreakers, the Bonnies will be the third seed in the Atlantic 10 Tournament next weekend in Brooklyn. Their first game will be on Friday, March 11 at 9 p.m. in the Barclays Center.

The team’s first round opponent is to be determined. The Bonnies will face the winner of the Thursday matchup between Davidson and the winner of Duquesne/La Salle.

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Men’s basketball: Imagining an A-10 All-Star Game

(DeAndre’ Bembry and Dion Wright Photo Credit:

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

NBA All-Star Weekend has come and gone, but the captivating dunk contest and tributes to Kobe Bryant will not be forgotten anytime soon. When watching the festivities, a thought came to mind: what if the Atlantic 10 conference had an All-Star Weekend of its own?

College basketball has a senior All-Star Game on Final Four Friday, but individual conferences do not host such events. While unlikely, it would be interesting if the A-10 became the first.

Here’s a just-for-fun brainstorming of an Atlantic 10 All-Star Game:

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Men’s basketball: Atlantic 10 Week in Review 1/18-1/24

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

After three weeks of Atlantic 10 play, we have a scenario that many envisioned at the season’s commencement: an absolute logjam in the middle of the standings. Seven teams have an in-conference winning percentage over .500, while VCU is the only perfect team left.

Here are the current standings:

Team Conference Overall
VCU 7-0 15-5
Dayton 6-1 16-3
St. Joe’s 5-1 16-3
George Washington 4-2 15-4
St. Bonaventure 4-3 12-6
Davidson 3-3 11-6
Rhode Island 3-3 11-8
Duquesne 3-4 13-7
Saint Louis 3-4 8-11
Richmond 2-3 10-7
Fordham 2-5 11-7
UMass 1-5 8-10
La Salle 1-5 5-12
George Mason 1-6 7-13

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Men’s basketball: Bonnies travel to George Mason

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By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

The St. Bonaventure Bonnies men’s basketball team looks to extend its win streak to three games on Wednesday night at 7 when it takes on the George Mason Patriots in Fairfax, Va.

The Bonnies enter their second conference matchup with some momentum after a 97-85 victory over Davidson at the Reilly Center on Saturday night. Sensational sophomore point guard Jaylen Adams, who was named Atlantic 10 Player of the Week on Monday, is shooting a remarkable 24-of-37 from three (64.9 percent) in his last five games, averaging 22.8 points a game over that span.

The 6-8 Patriots, on the other hand, were dismantled in their season opener at VCU, 71-47. The loss snapped a two-game win streak for first-year coach Dave Paulsen’s club, which did have two impressive non-conference victories over SEC members Ole Miss and Oklahoma State and only trailed sixth-ranked Virginia by eight at halftime.

The Bonnies, who went 5-4 in road A-10 games last year, know not to overlook this Mason team, especially away from home.

“You never really expect anything on the road; it’s always tough having road games,” said senior guard Marcus Posley.

“It’s going to be tough,” Posley continued. “To be successful in this conference you have to continue to win home games and steal some on the road.”

Can the Bonnies take one on the road, or will the Patriots grab a major win? Here’s the full breakdown:

The Coaches:

St. Bonaventure- Mark Schmidt. 133-126 as Bonnies coach.

George Mason- Dave Paulsen. 6-8 as Patriots coach.

Key players for George Mason:

Shevon Thompson- 6-foot-11 senior center. An all-conference third team selection last season, Thompson scored 18 points against the Bonnies last year in Rochester. This season, he is averaging 8.7 points and 10.5 rebounds, with a block a game as well. His best two games thus far came in the Gilden Charleston Classic tournament, where he scored 19 points and grabbed 16 rebounds against Ole Miss, then followed that performance up with a 20-point, 17-board effort against Oklahoma State.

The Kingston, Jamaica native has scored in double figures four times this season, with seven double-digit rebound games. Considering how well he performed offensively against Youssou Ndoye last year, he is a real concern that the Bonnies must contain.

Otis Livingston- 5-foot-11 freshman guard. Livingston is tied for the team’s scoring lead with Marquise Moore at 11 points a contest. The Linden, N.J. native is a 41.6 percent shooter from the field, including a 16-of-51 mark from three-point range. A 17-point output in the loss to Mercer on Nov. 16 is Livingston’s season high. He has also dished out 37 assists to just 25 turnovers this season.

Marquise Moore- 6-foot-2 junior guard. Moore, who hails from Queens, N.Y., is tied with Livingston at 11 points a game. He is also third on the team in rebounding, with 5.1 boards a contest, while dishing 50 assists and blocking 16 shots, both team highs. He has scored in double-figures 10 times this season, including five of the last six games.

Keys to victory for George Mason: Feed the big fella. With his size and athleticism, Thompson should be averaging more than six field goal attempts a game. Against two freshmen in Derrick Woods and Jordan Tyson, the man who is arguably the best true big man in the A-10 should get touches early and often and try to establish himself inside.

The Bonnies are holding the opposition to just 32 percent shooting from three, but they are allowing teams to shoot 48.8 percent from two-point range. Paulsen should be taking note of that and laying out a blueprint for his star to shine down low.

Keys to victory for St. Bonaventure: Continue to feed the hot hand, whomever that may be. Adams has been on an absolute tear, but in the second half against Davidson Posley was the leading scorer, going 6-of-10 from the field and scoring 17 in the final 20 minutes. Nelson Kaputo is always a weapon from deep as well; if he catches fire, the brown and white know to swing a couple passes his way.

Bona averages 15 assists a game for a reason- a culture of trust has been built between teammates, and it builds confidence from top to bottom. That must continue against a good defensive team like George Mason that is tied for 73rd in the country in field goal defense at 40.8 percent.