Logan looks to bring versatility to the Bonnies

By: Isaiah Blakely

For junior Dajah Logan sitting out a year has her even more ready to play this season.

“It was tough just seeing my teammates out there,” said Logan who added, “knowing that I have something that I could be able to give as well and then it just kinda made me want to play the game more and just be more excited for this year.”

Logan sat out last year due to NCAA transfer rules. 5-foot-11 guard transferred from College of Charleston where she averaged 7.5 points and 3.9 rebounds in her last season with the Cougars.

Head coach Jesse Fleming said, “Completely different player then we have had in the last few years. I just think she’s fun player to play with. She brings a great spirit she gets her teammates hyped and our practices have been better by having her in it.”

Logan loves versatility and that is why Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is her favorite player. “I love how versatile he is. He’s a 7-foot guard,” she said.

Logan strives to be a versatile player herself.

“I can play in the post, I can play on the perimeter, I can attack, I can shoot,” she said. “Just being able to contribute a lot of different things.”

She continues to look to improve her versatility and become more of a two-way player.

“Not to say I wasn’t a good defender but not just being so offensive minded and also becoming more of a leader on the floor,” said Logan.

With five newcomers to Division 1 basketball, Logan acknowledges that despite not playing a game for St. Bonaventure she still must be a leader.

“Just taking whatever experience I have and making sure I can display that everyday with not just what I’m doing but with my voice,” Logan said. “Understanding that not everyone is going to get it but just making sure that people can hear what the right things are to do even if I’m not doing them myself.”

Last season Mariah Ruff was the Bonnies main ball-handler and scorer. Now with the additions in the offseason and this team back healthy, Logan sees a more balanced attack this season.

“I think it is going to be more spread out. A lot more shining for other people,” Logan said. “They might show things that you wouldn’t really expect from them and just be able to display all of their strengths throughout the game. Everybody gets a new look at new faces.”

Despite all these new faces Logan still has high expectations for this team.

“I expect us to be very successful. Definitely top of the conference,” she said. “Honestly, I think we can go all the way and make it to the tournament but it’s going to take hard work so I’m not going to promise anything.”

The Randallstown, Maryland native not only brought her basketball talent to St. Bonaventure but her DJ skills as well. Logan said she has been DJ’ing since she was in middle school.

“I have always been into music but I never figured out what my thing was and then I figured out music manipulation and I was like, ‘oh wow I can actually do this,’” said Logan.

Logan who’s DJ name is DJ_Dajah_VU  has made a name for herself DJ’ing various events over the past year, but now Logan is looking to make a name for herself on the court.



Outlaw, Bona women put losing streak in rearview mirror

(Image courtesy of St. Bonaventure athletics)

By Katie Faulkner

Did the seven-game losing streak crush the confidence of the St. Bonaventure women’s basketball team, or was it a mere stumbling block?

Sophomore guard Imani Outlaw said the losing streak was unexpected. The Atlantic 10 website had previously announced that the team was predicted to finish fourth in the conference this season.

Outlaw acknowledges the lack of consistent effort during the 40 minutes of play as the main reason for dropping seven straight.

“We would have three or four minute droughts where we would play awful,” said the Cincinnati native.  “I think if we can just eliminate those droughts we will be better off.”

Any losing streak would surely bring feelings of defeat, but the only solution can be found in the gym.

Individually, the 5’8 Outlaw focused on establishing a better pace to help set the tone early and reduce the amount of turnovers, which is currently at 16 per game as a team.

As a guard known for her physicality around the rim, her mindset to constantly attack the basket was now anticipated throughout the league.

“I’ve worked on my mid-range shot because everyone in the conference knows ’22’ is a driver, so sometimes my drives aren’t there.  If I can hit a 15-footer here or there, they’ll have to respect it.”

Outlaw becoming a dual threat on the floor will ultimately force opponents to close out on her, opening things up underneath for the dominant Katie Healy.

Outlaw believes that incorporating a more team-driven mentality will help the team begin to focus on togetherness and unity, a key element they have been lacking.

“As a team we just focused on playing together and playing for one another,” Outlaw said.

With an A-10 record of 2-7, Outlaw’s attitude seemed optimistic. Then again, when doesn’t it?

“I don’t really look at standings or stats. The season is very long and we still have a lot to go,” she said.

The women are set to take on the 15-7 Fordham Rams tomorrow night. Bonaventure fell to Fordham in the semi-finals of the A-10 tournament in the 2013-2014 season.

Outlaw stressed the importance of mental toughness one last time, then sprang from the couch, hurled her backpack over her shoulder and hurried off to practice.

The season isn’t over quite yet.


Women’s basketball: La Salle Preview

By Joseph Phelan, @JPhelan13

Today at 5 p.m. in the quarterfinals of the Atlantic 10 tournament, St. Bonaventure takes on the La Salle Explorers.

St. Bonaventure (22-9) finished second in the A-10 and spent Thursday on a bye while La Salle (15-14), as a seven seed, beat Saint Louis 65-56.

The Bonnies and Explorers meet for the third time this season.

St. Bonaventure beat La Salle in western New York in January.

La Salle defeated St. Bonaventure last Saturday in Philadelphia.

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Women’s basketball: ESPN names Katie Healy one of 10 players “rising to the occasion” #bonnies

Sophomore Katie Healy has been playing well this season, and ESPN made that national news recently. In a slideshow of 10 players who have helped their teams because of their high level of play, Healy finds herself as the fourth player on the list.You can check out the list here.

Healy finds herself among players from Connecticut, Oklahoma State, Michigan, among others. Another Atlantic 10 player (Erin Rooney) made the list as Rooney has led Fordham to a 9-2 record. Healy leads the Bonnies in points, assists and blocks. St. Bonaventure finished their nonconference schedule Dec. 22, as they beat UNC Greensboro 58-46. The Bonnies (11-4) open up A10 play on New Year’s Day at Duquesne.

The Intrepid will have a conference preview ready before that matchup. Once school opens back up, we will live-tweet home games and provide as much coverage as possible.