Baseball: Bonnies Draw Familiar Foe in A-10 Tournament

(Aaron Phillips, photo credit Olean Times Herald)

By Josh Svetz @Svetz17

After the St. Bonaventure Bonnies secured the third seed last Friday against Fordham, fans waited anxiously to see who the Bonnies would face in the opening round of the A-10 Tournament.

Before the Saturday games started, it looked certain the Bonnies would take on the surging Saint Joseph’s Hawks for the first time this season.

But a strange wave of events commenced.

The Hawks, who had previously dominated George Washington two games straight, lost it’s regular season finale to the Colonials in a blow out. Then, after being blown out twice by St. Louis, George Mason put together a last-ditch effort and won the final game against the Billikens securing the final spot in the tournament.

St. Louis moved down to the five spot, pushing George Washington up to the fourth and Davidson rested in the sixth spot.

The Hawks were out, and the Bonnies now had a date with one of the toughest teams they’ve faced in conference this season, the Davidson Wildcats.

Back in March, the Bonnies were a sub-par club looking for answers. Out of conference they sat at 5-5, but had a little momentum going with two straight wins over North Dakota State, winning both games despite being shut out in the series opener.

Opening conference play against the Wildcats in North Carolina, the Bonnies stayed neck and neck, tied at one, through four innings.

Then, the inflammation in starting pitcher Brandon Schlimm’s throwing arm acted up. Schlimm gave up three runs and the Bonnies were down 4-1.

Hope shined through when the Bonnies got a man on base, but the sunshine vanished quickly.

A rain delay forced the game to be finished the next day and the Bonnies couldn’t recover, losing 9-2. Just an hour after that loss, the Bonnies had to go out and play again, losing by the same score.

But the next day, in the final game of the series, the Bonnies dominated the Wildcats 17-4, led by a six hit, eight RBI domination by David Hollins. The Bonnies also got a great performance from starting pitcher Aaron Phillips, giving up three-earned runs, five hits and tossing seven strikeouts.

That loss sent the Wildcats into a tailspin, dropping the next five games.

With Phillips likely to start and the Bonnies not dealing with rain delays, pitcher injuries or home field advantage, it’s more likely the team that beat the Wildcats last time will show up, rather than the shell that got beat down twice in a row in a span of three hours.

Still — winning is far from guaranteed.

The Wildcats feature top conference players like Will Robertson and Brian Fortier, two bombers ranking top 30 in the NCAA for home runs.

In fact, the Wildcats rank 20th in the NCAA, averaging 1.26 home runs per game.

But the biggest factor may be ace pitcher Durin O’Linger, who’s compiled a 1.33 ERA through the months of April and May in seven starts.

Despite the offense on both sides, a pitching duel looks evident with two studs like Phillips and O’Linger likely slinging for their teams.

The number one key to victory is Phillips keeping the Wildcat bombers at bay, something he should be able to do giving up just six home runs this season.

As much success as the Bonnies have had recently, there’s two teams that have come to play this season.

This afternoon we find out if the Bonnies are the back-to-back losers Davidson saw in the first two games, or the dominant winners that closed out the Wildcats in the final game of the series.

SBU ASIA celebrates Diwali Festival

By Katherine Tercek

[Images courtesy of Elyse Breeze]

Celebrating the cultural traditions of Diwali, St. Bonaventure University ASIA (Asian Students in Action) put on their annual Diwali show on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

Diwali, or the “Festival of Lights,” is a Hindu festival celebrated all over South Asia every year. It represents the victory of good over evil, which is extended to light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. It is a bright colorful celebration that the whole town or village partakes in.

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SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 4

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

St. Bonaventure University students went back in time on the fourth day of Spirit Week with Throwback Thursday. From the time of hippies to 1990s pop, some students chose to adorn ensembles from different eras.

Today, The Intrepid asked students what word they would use to describe the Bonaventure experience.tbt

“Family, because I feel like it is a second home and second family for me,” said freshman and international studies major Flavia Pietrobattista. “The education system at Bonaventure is great. Everyone seemed so friendly to me, especially coming from another country. I am enjoying doing new things everyday in the community here.”

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SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 3

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

As the third day of the St. Bonaventure University Spirit Week landed on Veterans Day, the week continued with Patriotic Day. By dressing up in red, white and blue, students had the chance to show pride in both their school and in their country.

Today, The Intrepid asked some students why Bonaventure is important to them.

patriot 1

“I think that Bonaventure is a great school,” said senior and Spanish and international studies double major Kirsten Lankford. “Overall, it really is an amazing place to be a part of a family.”

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SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 2

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

The second day of the St. Bonaventure University spirit week prompted students to dress up in flannel shirts to show off their pride. Today, The Intrepid asked some students what their favorite thing about Bonaventure was. From the excitement of basketball games to helping each other out, their answers connected to the core values of the university.

flannel 1

“I love the opportunities for the future and for traveling that I get from Bonaventure,” said junior and marketing major Kathryn McTyre. “It is really just full of great experiences.”

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Mens basketball: Quick Hitters (Dayton)

By Jeff Fasoldt @Jeff_Fasoldt

The end of a season: Like every conference tournament in college basketball, only one team and its fans goes home happy. This year it was not St. Bonaventure, and it’s students and loyal alumni who showed up in the masses to support their team. However, finishing 18-14 with tremendous careers from Chris Dees, Andell Cumberbatch and Youssou Ndoye is nothing to hang your head too long about. Next year, Jay adams will be back as he missed the whole tourney and a large part of the latter half of the season with a broken finger. Dion Wright will be back, and so will most of the core of this Bonnies team so don’t worry Bonnies fans, the future is bright.

Hot shooting not enough: All season long the Bonnies have struggled to make shots from outside, leading teams to play zone against them to negate the big men, Ndoye and Wright, inside. Today was a different story. The Bonnies shot 67 percent from the field in the first half, and 58 percent overall in the game. Wright and Posley accounted for 50 of the Bonnies 71 points.

Wright for three: Dion Wright had made one three pointer all season long. Tonight he went 4-5 from three and 10-11 from the field, playing in all 40 minutes. And, if that wasn’t enough he also led the Bonnies in rebounds with nine.

Ndoye’s struggles: Youssou Ndoye had a nightmare of a time facing Dayton’s Kendall Pollard. Pollard held Ndoye to just four points in the game. Ndoye did pick up eight rebounds but his scoring was missed down low.

Sibert steps up: Jordan Sibert is an NBA-caliber player on this Dayton team. Tonight he went 5-12 for 19 points. He also hit the biggest three of the game, a dagger that put Dayton up by two with just seconds to play and ultimately the final blow to end St. Bonaventure’s season.


Jordan Sibert: “We just wanted to get the ball out of Posley’s hands.” (talking about last play of the game)

“Kendall did a great job being aggressive.” “We piggybacked off his energy.

Archie Miller: “We didn’t talk about it.”  (on attempting to beat a team three times on the season. “The one thing about beating a team twice in the regular season in my opinion is you beat them twice so you can do it again.”

“Dion Wright from three threw a monkey-wrench into what we were doing.” 

Mark Schmidt: “I thought that Dion couldn’t have played better. Marcus couldn’t have played better.” “Im really proud of our guys, disappointed about how it ended, but I can’t complain about the effort.” 



#Bonnies crush Hawks despite sluggish start

By Jeff Fasoldt @Jeff_Fasoldt 

Without a doubt, the Bonnie faithful showed up in masses to cheer on their St. Bonaventure Bonnies in their first battle of a quest for an Atlantic-10 title.

However, most of them were holding their breath at halftime as the Bonnies trailed by five (28-23) and were shooting about 21 percent. The deficit had been as many as nine points in the first half and you could feel the energy being sucked out of the building.

Fortunately, despite a poor shooting night from three throughout—as the Bonnies went just 2-14 (14.4 percent), they were able to hold off the Hawks in the second half and force the issue to secure the win and set up an intriguing matchup against the Dayton Flyers at 6:30 tomorrow.

“Our offense has to be better if we’re going to have any success tomorrow,” said Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt.

Youssou Ndoye picked up a technical in the first half after a small scuffle that resulted in two converted foul shots and the ball. But, when it looked like his head may have been somewhere else other than the court, he stepped up and led the Bonnies in scoring at 18 points. He also gathered eight rebounds and did most of his damage at the free throw line going 8-12.

But, perhaps the most impressive effort of the night came from Denzel Gregg, who used his pure athleticism to gather 15 rebounds—including five on the offensive end. Gregg, who doesn’t score much, just 1-6 from the field, brought tremendous energy to the court on the glass.

“To get 15 rebounds in 34 minutes is tremendous,” said Schmidt. “That was one of the reasons we were successful, especially in the second half.”

Marcus Posley, the Bonnies leading scorer this season, struggled in the first half and never really found his touch throughout the game. The Bonnies count on him for three point shooting and after a 1-7 performance from three for him tonight, you have to wonder if the Bonnies could survive tomorrow night against a Dayton team that shoots lights out from three.

For St. Josephs, DeAndre’ Bembry, an NBA prospect, struggled mightily going just 3-12 from the field for 12 points in 40 minutes of play.

“We made sure we would make someone else beat us,” said Schmidt.


The Hawks season ends at 13-18, a disappointment for St. Joe’s head coach Phil Martelli after winning the A-10 tournament last year.

“It’s the highest of highs and the lowest of lows,” said Martelli.





Men’s basketball quick hitters: Duquesne (home)

By Jeff Fasoldt @Jeff_Fasoldt

Posley regains his edge: It’s no secret that Marcus Posley has struggled to say the least since his two consecutive game winning layups at Davidson and home vs. VCU. However, today he shook off whatever’s been holding him back and put up 29 on 8-14 from the field. With point guard Jay Adams out still with a broken finger, Bonnies coach Mark Schmidt has been praying for Posley to step up and hit shots from outside—today his prayers were answered and Posley went 6-9 from three.

Cumberbatch shines on senior night: Not only did Posley have a big come back game, but senior Andell Cumberbatch showed he can score when he wants to. He was 6-12 from the field for 18 points including 4-9 from beyond the arc. The combination of Posley and Cumberbatch finally knocking down shots took Duquesne by surprise and was too much for them in this one.

Anything can happen: Going into this game Micah Mason and Derrick Colter were two of the hottest three point shooters in the A-10 at 42 and 46 percent. So, one would’ve expected this trend to continue against a Bonnies defense that has lacked solid three point defendability all season long. However, everything went the exact opposite of what you would have thought. The Bonnies shooters shined throughout the game while Duquesne struggled going just 3-15 (20 percent) from three.

Second half done Wright: Dion Wright is no doubt the Bonnies most consistent player, proven by the fact that he goes for at least 10 points almost every game. Today, as the Bonnies guards were playing well, he got off to a slow start—not scoring in the first half. But, the second half was another story as Wright scored 15, and ultimately became the dagger that ended the Dukes as he scored nine from the free throw line.


Duquesne head coach: Jim Ferry

“It’s tough on the road, your margin of error is significantly smaller.”

“We have to focus on getting better, we have two more games before the tournament so we’re just going to go get ready for our next game.” 

St. Bonaventure head coach: Mark Schmidt

“Give our guys credit, Colter and Mason shot 3-15 from three.”

“When you make the first one the basket seems to get bigger.” (on Posley)

“All three seniors played a big role in this one and I’m very proud of how they played.”