Breathe Carolina ‘pumped’ for Spring Weekend at Bonaventure

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Danielle Clark spoke with Kyle Even of Breathe Carolina about the band’s upcoming performance at St. Bonaventure University.

By Danielle Clark, staff writer, @ddaniellee11

ST. BONAVENTURE (March 19) – It’s no secret that St. Bonaventure is ready for the arrival of Spring Weekend, but Kyle Even of Breathe Carolina wants us to know he’s just as excited to perform.

 Breathe Carolina will be playing in the Reilly Center with The Ready Set on Thursday, April 12 to launch the onset of festivities that will take place at the end of the month.  

The electronic rock band composed of Even and David Schmitt includes three more members who make up their live band: Eric Armenta, Joshua Aragon and Luis Bonet.

Even said the energy of the live show is what sets it apart from their recordings.

“It’s just a different feeling with everybody involved,” he said.

He described the music at their live show as “rave at a rock show.”

Even said the band is still evolving, with a total of 12 people already along on tour, along with a one-year-old French bulldog named Kevin which the band picked up along its journey.

Breathe Carolina started writing songs in 2007 on their computer as a hobby and has since come a long way. Performances at the 2011 Winter X Games and Van’s Warped Tour are only a small indication of the band’s glory. Kicking off 2012 with continued success, the band performed at the LA Kings game in January and is currently on tour.

 “We just kept writing, and the rest is history,” he said.

Breathe Carolina writes all its own songs, and Even said the band gets its inspiration from everything it’s gotten to see and do along with their vast array of experiences.

“We have a lot of fun and crazy stories, and we’ve met a lot of fun and crazy people, and I think that’s one of the biggest things,” he said.

Even said their newest song, “Bang It Out,” is his favorite song so far.

“That was ridiculous,” he said about the song which has yet to be released. “It’s going to be something special.”

Even talked about the band’s unique style of writing and recording simultaneously.

“We’ll take one sentence from a beat, and we’ll be like, ‘Alright that sounds good,’ and we spawn off that,” he said.

He explained how they try to create the skeleton of their song by asking what the vibe of the song is, and what the song is saying. Even said once someone knows it’s right, they just know it. Even said the band has written some songs in a day while others have taken them a week. 

The band’s Facebook page said that their most recent album, Hell is What You Make It, will grab you by the hand and drag you to the dance floor.

The concert at Bonaventure will have a similar sensation, Even assured.

“The album is so eclectic in terms of vibe. It varies from bang your head, to move your feet, to shake your ass,” he said. 

The band will play music from their whole catalog for the concert, along with some new songs from their next album.

According to Even, the band plans on being anything but restrained during the concert.

“We get rowdy; I get in the crowd ,” he said. “ There’s just no restrictions. That’s kind of our rules.”

Even was confident the concert is going to be a blast.

“I hope people are coming to have fun ,” he said. “We’re pumped,”

Even said the only thing the band needs is a pumping system and their gear, and they’re ready to play.

“We’re just real folks, we’re just trying to hang out,” he said.

So, get ready St. Bonaventure, because Breathe Carolina promises to be a raging kick start to Spring Weekend.


Spring 2012 concert selections chosen

By Mark Belcher, News Editor, @markbelcherjr

ST. BONAVENTURE (Feb. 9) – Members of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) announced tonight Breathe Carolina and The Ready Set as the spring 2012 concert band selections.

Melissa Gentile, president of CAB, announced the April 12 concert, after Norman Ng’s magic show in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

Tickets are set at $10, but the time of the concert is yet to be determined.

“We chose (Breathe Carolina) because they have a lot of energy and we wanted it to be a high-energy show,” she said.

Neither band appeared on CAB’s original survey for students.

Gentile said CAB members decided on a band outside of the survey due to budget cuts.

“Our budget decreased slightly this year, and the prices of our prospective artists increased dramatically within a couple of days,” Josh Maxey, performance chair for CAB, said. “We had to begin searching for artists within our budget, and we are lucky we got two bands for such a low price.”

Emily Steves contributed to the reporting of this article.


Maxey said a newsletter will go out to students today explaining further why CAB looked elsewhere for band selections.