Bona’s students attended Brown and White Night to kick off the 2012/2013 basketball season.


Quote-able moments

Question one: Why did you come tonight?

“It is my last year at Bona’s, and I want to support the basketball teams as much as possible!” ~Kaleigh Drew, senior elementary and special education major

“It’s my last pep rally … it’s a bittersweet moment!” ~Chanel Freeman, senior psychology major

“I’ve come to every home game since I can remember. There’s nothing better than coming to a pep rally and getting hyped about the season!” ~Kirk Windus, freshman journalism and mass communication major

“I had fun during the pep rally! I thought the step team did a great job!” ~Chaelon Brennan, sophomore accounting major

Question two: What do you hope happens this season for both teams?

“I hope that both teams go back to the NCAA and actually win the whole thing!” ~Alyssa West, junior psychology major

“I hope this year both teams find victory.” – Josh Maxey, junior political science major

“As always, I hope the teams win, and if not, I hope they gain more cooperation and teamwork.” – Joe Crispino, senior computer science major

SGA meeting recap, October 16, 2012

By Joe Pinter, News Editor, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Oct. 19) — During its weekly meeting, the St. Bonaventure University Student Government Association discussed five topics, including Brown and White Night and the March of Dimes.

 Afterward, SGA gave the floor to students presenting their campus club.

Abby Harrington, SGA vice president, led a discussion on the course evaluation system and whether it should be kept as is or changed.

“I sit in on the faculty senate, and they addressed to me that there is a problem that we don’t have enough participation in the course evaluations,” Harrington said.

Cody Clifford, SGA president, said that the participation has dropped from 68 percent to 42 percent within the past year. This trend coincides with all evaluations switching from in-class forms to online forms.

Some changes to the evaluation system were considered, including giving out evaluations the last day of class, making the evaluations shorter, giving students even more time to take them and the professors designating a time at the end of the last class of the semester when the students use their laptops to complete the evaluations.

When it was put to a vote, the SGA officers were even-split. But the two most favorable options were keeping the current system and having students do the evaluations on their laptops in class.

 In other business, the officers concluded the March of Dimes had been a success.

“We had about 20-25 teams participating,” said Robbie Chulick, SGA executive secretary. “About 15 of them were SGA clubs or student-oriented teams.”

Chulick also added that $45,000 had been raised. However, that number is likely to go up since the online fundraising will not end until next Friday, Oct. 26.

The four groups that raised the most money:

*The Buzz

*The Bona Venture

*SBU Resident Assistants

*SGA/Townhouse 25

Heather Pfeil, March of Dimes community director, said 300-400 walkers participated in the event.

The next item on the agenda was the introduction of the new Class of 2016 SGA officers.

They are as follows: Kelsey Koos, president; Megan Cutia, vice president; Kendra Worley, secretary; Diane Adegoke, treasurer.

SGA recently altered the duties of the freshmen officersto mainly watch and learn how SGA is run while still planning a few community events.

After the floor was opened for club presentations, five clubs presented while two clubs did not have a representative at the meeting.

Asian Students in Action (ASIA), Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Black Student Union (BSU), Voices, Step Team, Spectrum, SBU Hip Hop, and Bonacoustics all presented. Each club is chartered by SGA.

ASIA, LASO, BSU, Voices, the Step Team and the Hip Hop Team all spoke to the SGA officers and used PowerPoints to explain the goals and ideas their clubs have.

The highlights of this segment of the meeting:

 Voices helped pay for the speaker from Burma that was on campus on Wednesday. The officers were approached by SGA and decided to help bring the speaker to Bonaventure.

Voices will also be selling club t-shirts for $12 a piece starting next week.

The Step Team will host its seventh annual talent show on Nov. 7. This is just one of many fundraisers the club has planned.

The Hip Hop team announced that it performed to a sold-out Quick Arts Center crowd on Monday night, making $1,750.

According to team captain Caitlin Welch, the money goes to a special place. 

“We are donating to a family originally from Jamestown, now living in South Carolina,” Welch said. “It is for a couple married one year ago who are hoping to adopt a child with special needs from Uganda.  The child they are hoping to adopt is 3 years old and is struggling with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  The grand total they need to raise in order to adopt is $25,000 and prior to our show they had raised $15,000 already.”

The team now has 43 members and the number is rising. The club is growing and will perform at halftime at almost every home basketball game. The team has been working with the Olean School of Dance to help the younger kids. Additionally, it will host a Christmas show from Nov. 27-28.

Spectrum and Bonacoustics were not present at the meeting.

J.P. Butler (@JPbutler10), the St. Bonaventure men’s basketball team beat writer for the Olean Times Hearld, gave The Intrepid an interview about the first Brown and White Night and his thoughts on the 2011-12 basketball season.

Below are highlights from the interview:

“How many Division I teams can say that they have a NBA first rounder on their roster right now? Maybe 15 to 20?” — About Andrew Nicholson

“(Coach) Schmidt is starting to compare (Chris) Johnson to (Jonathan) Hall, who was here a couple years ago. And if that’s even remotely true, I mean, that’s going to be solid up and down.” 

“I do think they have the talent to do it. It takes a lot to make the NCAA Tournament coming out of the Atlantic 10 (Conference) as an at-large team. I think if they were to win 22-or-so regular season games … win a game or two in the Atlantic 10 Tournament … then yeah; I do think it’s possible.”