CAB Continues to Prepare for Spring Weekend

By Cameryn Jones-Dutchess

Spring Weekend at St. Bonaventure University brings students together with lively music, activities that everyone can get involved with and amazing food. The weekend before finals is a time for students to unravel and enjoy campus prior to heading to the library and cracking down on school work.

While attendees of Spring Weekend are getting anxious about the event taking place April 27 and 28, the Campus Activities Board, or CAB, have been planning it since the beginning of the fall semester.

Robbie Chulick, assistant director of the Center for Activities, Recreation and Leadership, said, “this is one of the largest events each year,” which he explains that there are a lot of aspects that come with planning and organizing this big of an event. Ordering balloons, building a menu and finding a music line up are only some of things CAB needs to do to get ready.

Spring Weekend will cost roughly around $20,000 to $30,000, according to Robbie Chulick. This fund will take about 30-40 percent out of the Student Government Association’s (SGA’s) budget.

“Some of the money is used for tents, music equipment, the music lineup, food and other expenses that complete Spring Weekend,” said Chulick.

Fortunately, the Bona Bus vandal does not affect the amount of money CAB can spend for Spring Weekend. Since SGA has to pay for the repairs of the broken bus, CAB can focus on planning for Spring Weekend with the right budget to do so. A bus will be running during Spring Weekend during the day to bring off-campus housing students to campus.

Robbie Chulick also encourages any students that want to get involved or help with the planning of Spring Weekend to join CAB or SGA.

Along with Spring Weekend, the infamous Quad Party is also a staple that brings campus life together.

Students are upset by the news of the canceled Quad Party. Senior journalism/mass communications major Stefanie Podosek explained, “I think cancelling the Quad Party is a terrible idea because it is an unofficial tradition, along with Keg Klash and Rafting Down the River.”

Senior Haylei John, president of SGA, said, “Rob DeFazio stated at our last SGA meeting that a quad party would not be permitted this year.”

She also added, “this is not a SGA decision. It had already been decided by those in the student affairs and security departments and then relayed to SGA.”

There will be authorities around the townhouse area to ensure that any party will not ensue.

Even though a Quad Party will not be taking place this year, Spring Weekend will be a time for students to have an enjoyable experience before finals.

Ready for The Ready Set?

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By Danielle Clark, staff writer, @ddaniellee11

ST. BONAVENTURE (April 4) – If it isn’t impressive enough that Jordan Witzigreuter’s hobby of playing the guitar grew into such a successful career, his latest single, “Love Like Woe,” went platinum in 2010.

You know what’s even better than that? He’s coming to St. Bonaventure.

Witzigreuter, the easy-going musician and sole member of The Ready Set, started his career when he sat down in his basement and tried to write a song in 2007. After an unexpected positive response from social media websites, Witzigreuter decided to get serious.

“I wanted to see if I could do it, if I could be the one to actually make something of it,” he said.

After graduating from high school, Witzigreuter drove around the country playing in shows determined to make something happen.

“Things just started getting bigger and better since then,” he said.

The Ready Set is now with DecayDance Records, and Witzigreuter said he loves it. He admitted the coolest feeling was seeing “Love Like Woe” go platinum.

However, he doesn’t plan to stop with just one platinum song. Witzigreuter has big plans for the future in all aspects of music. He plans to continue touring, come out with new singles and hopes to have a new album out this summer. Witzigreuter also plans to start writing for a greater diversity of people.

“It’s going to be another really busy year,” he added.

As for St. Bonaventure, The Ready Set plans to “have a party on stage,” said Witzigreuter.

And if that’s not enough fun, Witzigreuter said the performance will have a crazy light show with effects.

The concert will not be as electronic sounding as the band’s regular music, Witzigreuter explained. He said that the music style differs as it moves from the album to the concert.

“It’s more of a rock show really,” he said. “It’s all guitars and drums and stuff.”

Although the band is solely composed of Witzigreuter, a backup band is used for live performances.

Witzigreuter writes all his own music and said he gets his inspiration from a combination of personal things and stuff he makes up in his head.

Witzigreuter described “Love Like Woe” as an “opposite love story” that started off as just a melody until chords started to pop into his head.

It’s easy to see that The Ready Set is one of a kind. But Witzigreuter’s lack of effort in being one of a kind makes him unique.

“I’ve never really taken any big steps to intentionally do things just to be different,” he explained. “I don’t do things to throw it in people’s face that I’m unique.”

Witzigreuter’s writing holds true to that as well – he writes what he wants to write with no regrets.

“I just write the songs that I want to write, and if people think it’s unique then that’s perfect,” he said.” If they think it’s just like everything else then I’m just as happy with that.”

Witzigreuter said he likes playing for colleges because he is playing for an age group similar to his own.

“Hopefully everyone comes out and wants to have a good time with us,” he says.

So if you’re ready to have a good time with The Ready Set and Breathe Carolina, show up at 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 12 for a “party on stage.”

The Ready Set will perform in collaboration with Breathe Carolina on Thursday, April 12 at the Rathskeller. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the Reilly Center Ticket Office.