Plassmann Hall welcomes Teaching and Learning Center

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By Caitlyn Morral

After about thirty years in the basement of Doyle Hall, the Teaching and Learning Center at St. Bonaventure University has moved across campus to the first floor of Plassmann Hall. This transition is one piece of big changes that have been occurring in the academic building.

The Teaching and Learning Center, also known as the TLC, has been a source for students to receive academic support for years. With tutors and additional academic support available to students, the center strives to help each student that comes in for help succeed in their classes and feel confident in their work.

Director of the TLC, Jean Trevaton Ehman, has been affiliated with both St. Bonaventure and the TLC for years and is excited that the move from Doyle Hall to Plassmann Hall has been a success.

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Bona’s professor reflects on success of debut book

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By Caitlyn Morral

When Dr. Donika Kelly of St. Bonaventure University’s English department is not teaching, she is traveling and reading her collection of poetry at various locations. The assistant professor recently published her first collection of poems, “Bestiary: Poems,” and has been invited by multiple venues to share her work with others.

“Bestiary: Poems,” was published and released in October of 2016. Since then, it has been named as one of The New York Times Book Review’s “Best Poetry Collections of 2016” and one of Buzzfeed’s “Best Poetry Book of 2016.” The collection has also been noticed by The Root, The Undefeated and Quivering Pen.

While it might be difficult for a collection of poetry to strike upon success, Kelly is happy with the reception that her own poems have received.

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Students honor sexual assault victims

By Caitlyn Morral

[Photos courtesy of Bryce Spadafora]

For some students at St. Bonaventure University, April is more than just the stressful month before the impending doom of finals. It’s about raising sexual assault awareness, one teal ribbon at a time.

April has been named Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The newly revived club at Bonaventure, “SBU 4 Equality,” is capitalizing on SAAM through its “Awareness, Education, Solidarity” campaign, an initiative to promote sexual assault awareness in the campus community.  On Wednesday, April 26, the club hosted a rally to commemorate those who have been affected by sexual violence.

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College Democrats and Republicans host mock debate

By Caitlyn Morral

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Students at St. Bonaventure University brought out their political opinions this past Thursday by hosting a mock presidential debate in the Walsh Amphitheater. The debate included five students who stood at their designated podiums. Two students represented Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, while the remaining three represented Republicans Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and John Kasich.

Hosted by the College Democrats and the College Republicans clubs at Bonaventure, the debate began with each candidate introducing themselves and what they stood for.

The introductions were followed by a series of questions asked by two moderators. The first question of the debate asked if there would ever be an “end game” with ISIS, especially since the terrorist group has recently attacked France and Belgium within the past few months.

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Ambassadors take pie to the face for change

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By Caitlyn Morral

Students had the opportunity to throw food in the Hickey Dining Hall with a pie throwing fundraiser through the admissions department on Thursday, Jan. 21.

Student ambassadors of the university, along with the Embrace it Africa club on campus, teamed up to raise money for both Embrace it Africa and the school’s admissions team.

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Bonaventure goes acapella with Bonacoustics

By Caitlyn Morral

“When I came to visit Bonaventure before applying, I was super excited because I did not want to lose the aspect of singing in my life,” said junior and strategic communications and digital media major Stephanie Kennedy. “Unfortunately, when I got to Bonas in the fall of 2013 as a freshman, I found out that the Bonacoustics group was out of commission.”

Co-presidents of the Bonacoustics, Kennedy and junior and accounting major Josh Apker, started the acapella group back up again in 2014 after it had fizzled out in 2013.

“Former student Conor Hynes, Josh Apker and I decided to take it upon ourselves to start it again in the spring of 2014,” said Kennedy. “Since then we have improved so much and I am so proud of everyone in the group, those who have stayed with us since the beginning, and everyone else who supports the group.”

The Bonacoustics performed what they have been rehearsing for all semester at their Fall Showcase on Nov. 18 in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

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Visual communication experts visit SBU for “Eyes on the Prize” lecture

By Caitlyn Morral

On Thursday, Oct. 29, St. Bonaventure University hosted a presentation, “Eyes On the Prize,” in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts on the topic of visual communications and its increase in development. The presentation, hosted by marketing and communications consultant Aimee J. Lewis and president of McDougall Communications Mike McDougall, emphasized the importance of visuals in today’s world of communication.

The lecture began with a slideshow of a variety of smart phone applications that incorporated the use of a phone’s camera. One such app, called “Like That Pet,” allows users to take a picture of an animal that they would like to have as a pet of their own. The app will then find shelters that have similar looking animals that the user can adopt and bring into their own home.

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Bonas Gets Trashy: Trashion Fashion 2015

By Caitlyn Morral

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St. Bonaventure’s Tread Lightly is getting trashy.

On Tuesday, April 21, the Rigas Family Theater in the Quick Center for the Arts hosted this year’s Trashion Fashion Show. Nine contestants walked the stage, modeling unique outfits made out of recycled material by another designer.

The Trashion Fashion Show is an annual event sponsored by the campus recycling group Tread Lightly. The show encourages students to reuse and recycle materials that may normally be considered trash.

Assistant curator at the Quick Center for the Arts Sean Conklin hosted the event and put a lot of effort into making sure that the show went as planned.

“I’m continually blown away every year at how creative everyone is and how good the show turns out,” said Conklin. “I think this year—more than previous years—people were very thoughtful and really took into account every aspect of the show.”

Students had to be creative and used a variation of materials such as these: soup cans, bottle caps, organic compostable materials, gum wrappers, foam, fruit netting, newspaper and coffee cup holders.

Conklin designed two of the winning fashions, “Andy’s Glitter Factory Gurl” and “Savaged Beauty, Reclaimed Grace.”

The first, made completely from bottle caps and inspired by Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick, was modeled by junior journalism and mass communication and Theater double major and “Top Trashionista” winner Chernice Miller.

“I’m really happy that we won this year,” said Miller. “Sean went to all of the bars in town and asked them for the bottle caps that were left over at the end of the night. He got seven bags, but we ended up only using half of a bag.”

The second dress was modeled by freshman undecided science major and “Trashionista” winner Asia Williams.

“The idea behind the dress with the white and gold outlining was to be a representation of Mother Earth and her purity,” she said. “Over time mankind has started to destroy her and she is being covered with filth, which was represented by the black head piece that ran down the length of my back. Overall, I think the end results were wonderful and that the dress was modeled nicely to show the detailing.”


In addition to the Top Trashionista and Trashionista titles, three other participants emerged as winners of the Top Model, Top Model Runner Up and People’s Choice awards.

“My look was inspired by spring time and planting season,” said Maggie Morris, director of the St. Bonaventure Bona Buddies program and designer of the Top Model design, “Roofiooo,” modeled by David Bryant. “I also love the movie ‘Hook’ and the character Roofio, and I could not have been more proud of my model David Bryant. He did an amazing job.”

“When I began thinking of possible movie references combined with my own experience as a model, I immediately turned to Derek Zoolander for help,” said People’s choice winner Erik Furgal. “Once I picked the inspiration for my design, I had to begin brainstorming as to what materials I would use.”

Furgal said he raided his floor’s recycling room for leftover cardboard boxes and trash bags; scavenged for discarded newspaper all over campus; and used gum wrappers to fashion a pair of gloves.

The only materials he purchased were spray paint and a roll of tape.

Freshman journalism and mass communication major Taylor Walker was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s character in the movie “Maleficent.”

“The items used in the design were three different types of black garbage bags, which made the dress and cape. My headpiece, which was the main accessory to prove I was Maleficent, was made out of two cardboard hats and black foam,” she said.

The fashion show also included a panel of three judges who decided the winners of four of the five awards. Among them included artist in residence at St. Bonaventure, Anne Mormile.

“I’m so glad I was able to participate as a judge,” Mormile said. “I felt that all of the contestants were creative, and it was a tough choice, for sure. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year!”