‘Recyclemania’ set for Feb. 2

By Joe Pinter, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Jan. 28) — 75,000.

That’s the number of trees demolished to make one circulation of The New York Sunday Times.

That number seem high? It isn’t.

St. Bonaventure University’s Tread Lightly has brought much light lately to recycling. The club will also begin a campaign, Recyclemania, which will continue to promote recycling by students and faculty. It begins on Feb. 2.

“Recyclemania is essentially trying to make Bonaventure students aware that recycling is important and it does help our planet,” said Tristan King, a sophomore member of Tread Lightly. “During that whole period, we enforce recycling. In dorms we enforce students to recycle more and use the recycle bins in the garbage areas instead of just using the garbage cans.”

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SGA meeting: ‘Recyclemania’ and Spring Weekend

By Joe Pinter, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Jan 28) — At its biweekly meeting, the St. Bonaventure University Student Government Association discussed a campus recycling campaign and Spring Weekend, among other things.

Tread Lightly members Katrina Teeter and JW Cook started off the meeting discussing Recyclemania, which begins Feb. 2.

The campaign will raise awareness for recycling and try to raise the recycling amount to 25 percent.

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