Doyne uses babysitting money to open orphanage in Nepal

By Amber Williams

[Doyne pictured with children of Nepal. Photo courtesy of]

Maggie Doyne was only 18-years-old when she decided to take a gap year after high school to travel. Little did she know that she would soon be changing hundreds of lives in Nepal.

I started in the South Pacific Islands and later traveled to North Eastern India for an internship,” said Doyne. “That’s where I met a community of Nepalese refugees. They are the reason I eventually traveled to Nepal.”

Using $5,000 of her babysitting money – the entirety of her life savings – Doyne, along with the BlinkNow Foundation, decided to build a safe, clean home for the suffering children. Two years later, the Kopila Valley School was built making the students that attended the first of many in their families to receive an education.

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