College Basketball: “Mid-major” magic

By Jeff Fasoldt, @Jeff_Fasoldt

Every year as March comes around and the madness settles in, we eye our brackets with hope, but never seem to end up very satisfied.

This year has been no different. The “Cinderellas” are at it again, and the “mid-major” schools are becoming the common fans frustration and the overall talk of college basketball.

For those of you who don’t know where the term “mid-major” comes from, there are five major conferences in college basketball — the ACC, Big-10, Pac-12, Big-12, and SEC. The schools in these conferences are referred to as the “high-majors.” All the rest, the “unknowns” are “mid-majors.”

Dangerous — this is perhaps the best word to describe these types of teams. You can ask Mike Krzyzewski, Bill Self, and Jim Boeheim.

These Hall of Fame (Kryzewski, Boeheim) or future Hall of Fame (Self) coaches of Duke, Kansas, and Syracuse are already looking forward to next season thanks to early tournament upsets.

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