Students prepare for presidential election

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By MK Killen

Millennials have often been criticized for their apathy toward elections and lack of representation in the voting population, but at St. Bonaventure University students seem to be breaking this stereotype. There have been several opportunities for students to register to vote or apply for absentee ballots on campus so far this year.

First Year Experience hosted an event called Floats and Votes where students were rewarded with an ice cream float for registering. College Republicans hosted a voter registration drive the week of Sept. 19.

Rachel Pelsang, sophomore bioinformatics major and co-president of College Republicans, said, “We have registered about 50 students in the last year, and events like floats and votes get equally as many people. There is generally a steady stream of students registering to vote throughout the year.”

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College Democrats and Republicans host mock debate

By Caitlyn Morral

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Students at St. Bonaventure University brought out their political opinions this past Thursday by hosting a mock presidential debate in the Walsh Amphitheater. The debate included five students who stood at their designated podiums. Two students represented Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, while the remaining three represented Republicans Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and John Kasich.

Hosted by the College Democrats and the College Republicans clubs at Bonaventure, the debate began with each candidate introducing themselves and what they stood for.

The introductions were followed by a series of questions asked by two moderators. The first question of the debate asked if there would ever be an “end game” with ISIS, especially since the terrorist group has recently attacked France and Belgium within the past few months.

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