Ryan chose family over football

By Joseph Phelan, @jphelan13

Rex Ryan is not unlike many professionals. Late hours, long weekends, little time with the family.

Ryan attended his son’s first college football game recently, instead of working.

Ryan’s day off to see his son differs only because he has a highly visible job: He coaches the New York Jets in the National Football League.

Some reporters questioned Ryan’s dedication to the Jets.

But Ryan only proved he cares for his family, not his level of dedication to a football team.

In today’s economy, family can take a backseat.

Parents have a tough time raising children while earning a living.

Ryan is no different than a father attending his daughter’s recital or a mother chaperoning her son’s field trip.

No matter a person’s income, work has to be done—meaning recitals, field trips and even college football games can be missed.

Sometimes personal moments cannot be shared and sacrifices have to be made.

But hard-working parents want to be there for their children.

That’s why parents call in sick or take vacation days because they want to be there for their children.

The father or mother who missed work won’t but in the papers.

Ryan, in a sense, is different than that father and mother, but why should he be?

After all, Ryan is another hard-working parent with crazy hours who tries to be there for their children.