Taqqee staying level-headed with high expectations

By Mike Hogan

Idris Taqqee has seen a great amount of action on the floor during his Bonnies career. Playing since his freshman year, Taqqee has experienced all the ups-and-downs of Bonas basketball.

Reporter Mike Hogan sat down with Taqqee to discuss his emotions going into his senior year, his thoughts about the higher expectations, and his basketball future.


Big news for you as you were just named a captain, how do you feel about that accomplishment?


Taqqee: I’m excited that my teammates have trusted me, and I am really excited to lead them every possession on the court.


You’re going into your last season as a Bonnie, what are your emotions in regards to that? How do you wish to be remembered here?


Taqqee: I just wish to be remembered for everything that I’ve done well and everything that I have worked on. It’s definitely bitter sweet that it’s my last year, but there’s a lot of things that we want to accomplish and we’re all going to work towards it together.


What kinds of things did you work on this offseason? What did you improve on the most?


Taqqee: I improved on consistency the most. I worked on every single aspect of my game from rebounding, ball handling, off the ball cutting, I can go on for days about what I worked on, but being consistent was huge.


What are the expectations for this year’s squad? What’s the vibe of the locker room?


Taqqee: The sky is the limit. We know that we have the capability to do anything that we put our minds to. We know everyone is talking A-10 tournament and the NCAA tournament, but we think we can go beyond that. Above and beyond.


In previous years you guys were ranked towards the bottom of the pack in the A-10, with the raised expectations this year how is the team handling them?


Taqqee: It’s definitely exciting. I have been here and have been able to grow with change. I’m happy and I am excited to see that, but it’s something where you just have to keep that same approach where nothing has changed. Nothing is guaranteed at the end of the day, but it’s definitely good to see the buzz and excitement.


What would it be like for you and the other seniors on this team to go out in your last season’s here making the NCAA tournament?


Taqqee: It’d be great man. All of the hard work would pay off, because there’s been a lot of hours spent in that gym. It’s something that I’ve had my eyes on.


What are you looking at after Bonaventure, are you looking to keep playing basketball?


Taqqee: Yeah, I want to keep playing basketball for as long as I can. I would play basketball for the rest of my life if I could.

New big man on campus

By Trystan Rushia @trystanrushia

There’s a new big man on campus, and his name is Jordan Tyson.

Tyson, a 6’10, 225-pound forward from Columbus, Ohio, made his college debut against Dartmouth Sat., Nov. 15.

Before coming to St. Bonaventure, he graduated from high school in Ohio. Instead of going to college right out of school, Tyson spent a year at Fishburne Military Academy in Virginia.

Tyson has had ups and downs transitioning from high school to college basketball.

“I want to do my best and try to make the most out of every moment,” said Tyson. His extra year playing at Fishburne helped him immensely with the change. He gained 15 pounds and became a more disciplined player on the court.

Being the second tallest guy on the team and the essential backup for Youssou Ndoye, Tyson feels no added pressure on him. He thinks that being the backup is actually a good thing, because he can watch Ndoye to help develop his skills once he takes over after Ndoye graduates.

“He’s an all-league big man,” said Tyson on current big man, Ndoye. “Next year it’ll be my time to step up just like he is right now.”

Ndoye has taught Tyson many things to becoming a big man at the college level. Personally, Tyson likes Ndoye’s mentality and competiveness for basketball.

“There are not a lot of big men that work as hard as he does,” said Tyson.

Being a big man, Tyson has the assets of any other usual forward or center; he is tall, athletic, and knows his way underneath the hoop, but that is not all he brings for the Bonnies.

“I bring my competitive fire, a lot of passion, hunger, and desire,” said Tyson.

Expectations for Tyson may be small this year but next year he will have to be ready with Ndoye’s departure.

“For the team, I want us to play as hard as we can for 40 minutes, and do the best as we can. The same goes for me.”

Always with a smile on his face, he got right back to practicing free throws and preparing for Saturday’s game, a win over Dartmouth.