Staff Writer Joseph Pinter interviewed J.P. Butler (@JPButler10), an Olean Times Herald beat writer of the Bonnies men’s basketball team, about St. Bonaventure’s game versus Arkansas State Thursday as well as what he noticed at the 73-64 loss Virginia Tech on Sunday.

J.P. Butler (@JPbutler10), the St. Bonaventure men’s basketball team beat writer for the Olean Times Hearld, gave The Intrepid an interview about the first Brown and White Night and his thoughts on the 2011-12 basketball season.

Below are highlights from the interview:

“How many Division I teams can say that they have a NBA first rounder on their roster right now? Maybe 15 to 20?” — About Andrew Nicholson

“(Coach) Schmidt is starting to compare (Chris) Johnson to (Jonathan) Hall, who was here a couple years ago. And if that’s even remotely true, I mean, that’s going to be solid up and down.” 

“I do think they have the talent to do it. It takes a lot to make the NCAA Tournament coming out of the Atlantic 10 (Conference) as an at-large team. I think if they were to win 22-or-so regular season games … win a game or two in the Atlantic 10 Tournament … then yeah; I do think it’s possible.” 

Artificially Enhanced: Bonnies’ beat reporter living his dream


Image courtesy of Olean Times Herald

In fourth grade, a young J.P. Butler decided to write and illustrate a book about the 1970 NCAA Final Four St. Bonaventure Bonnies men’s basketball team. It served as a symbolic memory once Butler received a phone call about a job opening to be the…

Ryan Lazo, feature columnist, wrote a story about J.P. Butler (@JPbutler10), the Olean Times Hearld’s beat writer of St. Bonaventure University’s men’s basketball team.

Artificially Enhanced: Bonnies’ beat reporter living his dream

The New York Knicks’ blockbuster trade to bring Carmelo Anthony back to the east coast became the second “Best St. Bonaventure tweets” graphic.

J.P. Butler, the Bonnies’ men’s basketball beat writer for the Olean Times Herald, won this week’s contest with his “What happens in 2 years when #Knicks line-up looks like this: C. Paul, C. Anthony, L. Fields, A. Stoudemire, Andrew Nicholson?”

Here is the updated standings (click here to read the contest’s rules):

1) J.P. Butler, ‘07 alumnus, @JPbutler10: 30
T-2) Sabrina Maddeaux, ‘10 alumna, @sabzPR; Adrian Wojnarowski , ‘91 alumnus, @WojYahooNBA: 28
4) Michelle McKernan, class of 2012, @Shell_McKernan: 27

T-6) Ryan Papaserge, class of 2012, @Papaserge, Sam Wilson, class of 2012, @samwils, Ryan Lazo, class of 2013, @RMLazo13: 24
T-9) Courtney Cobb, class of 2012, @cbcobb; Kelly O’Dell, class of 2013, @Kelly_Odell; Kathryn Dickinson, ‘03 alumna, @KatieBea; Pete Cauvel, class of 2011, @PeterCauvel; Chris Graham, class of 2012, @CWGraham17: 21

14) Amanda Klein, class of 2012, @inKliened: 10
15) Emily Sorokes, class of 2012, @EmilyESorokes: 8
T-16) Kyle Zappia, class of 2012, @Kzap131; Emilee Lindner, class of 2012, @Emilee537; Kimberly DeSimone, a school of business lecturer, @KimberlyDeSimon; Stephannie Cravatta, class of 2012, @Its_Stephannie: 1