St. Bonaventure gears up for Super Bowl Sunday

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By Katie Tercek

As Super Bowl LI approaches, football fans at St. Bonaventure University will be tuning in on Sunday to watch the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

The Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, has lead the team to a 14-2 season which puts them ahead of the Falcons, whose quarterback Matt Ryan lead them to a 11-5 season.

Statistics may show that the New England Patriots are a better team, but that does not stop the hopes of Atlanta Falcons fans.

“I’m on the Falcon bandwagon because I am from Buffalo, and we have an integrated hate of the Patriots and Tom Brady,” said Max Weiss a senior and marketing major.

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Using the Twitter feed to measure what the St. Bonaventure community talks about is one way The Intrepid will integrate social media with news reporting.

The “Best St. Bonaventure tweets” graphic will award points to the top five, 10 or 15 tweeters, depending on the volume of tweets. The point winner will receive a prize at the end of May.

The first-place prize is to be determined but around $50 in value. Second and third will also receive a prize, value to be determined.

The first-place tweeter receives 10 points, second place eight, third place six, fourth place four and fifth place two. Sixth place and below receives one point.

The rankings will be selected by The Intrepid’s staff.

Any user following The Intrepid’s Twitter (@Intrepid_SBU) at the moment of tweeting receives 20 points automatically. Any tweets selected as a top five, 10 or 15 with #TheIntrepid hashtag will get another 10 points.

The topics for this graphic will vary, ranging from the worst Hickey Dinning Hall experience to the best professor to learn from on campus. Almuni tweeting about fondest Bona memories or random St. Bonaventure-related thoughts may have a chance to win, too.

Sometimes The Intrepid will ask its followers to ask questions. A “Best St. Bonaventure tweet” graphic could be created from that, too.

The best way for The Intrepid and its staff to track your tweets would be to use #TheIntrepid or CC @Intrepid_SBU in your tweets. If you tweet without those, our staff will try its best to enter them into our database.

However, if you do not want The Intrepid to use your tweets, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at, direct messaging on Twitter or put a #DQ (as in don’t quote) at the end of your tweets.

The Intrepid will always ask the private Twitter accounts before using one of its tweets.

The Intrepid will respect a certain tweeter’s preference without judgment.