Lights Out: A first-person account of the game that wasn’t

By Jeff Uveino

Walking into the Reilly Center Wednesday night felt as normal as any other game day.

The students filing in, the teams shooting around and Kodak Black echoing through the loudspeakers–just a typical pregame in the RC. At 6:30 p.m., the St. Bonaventure Men’s basketball team prepared to play the Hawks of University of Maryland-Eastern Shore.

As the teams took warm-ups, I noticed that several lights above where UMES was shooting were out.

My initial reaction was that this was a tactical move: make the opponents warm up in the dark while we warm up in the light. An obscure strategy, but perhaps a slight advantage. Boy, was I wrong.

Shortly after noticing the lights were out, I got word that it was because of a power outage in the arena, quite an interesting development for my first time covering a Bonnies game.

Rumors spiraled around about the source of the outage and how it would affect the game, but it seemed as if no one knew for certain. Security guards, media personnel, and curious students searched for answers.

But one thing was for sure; we would have to wait.

The planned start time of 7 p.m. came and went, as the teams continued to shoot around. The scoreboards were now completely out, as was the jumbotron over center court.

A smiling Jaylen Adams hobbled around the floor, shooting with his team despite the boot he wore to protect his sprained ankle and the obvious notion of being ruled out for the contest.

More time passed. Still nothing.

Behind the scenes, the lights in the halls and media room flickered. There appeared to be lights on around other parts of campus, but no signs of progress in the Reilly Center.

Around 8 p.m., an announcement was made in the arena that National Grid would be testing the power in an attempt to have the game played. The Reilly Center, the crowd was told, would go almost completely dark for about 15 minutes.

Phone lights came on throughout the stands, electricians scrambled around campus, and “Let’s go Bonas” chants continued to cry out intermittently, as they had for nearly two hours at this point.

St. Bonaventure University President Dr. Dennis DePerro even tried his hand at a few foul shots to entertain the crowd.

Suddenly, around 8:30 p.m., the power flashed back on, sending the relatively quiet student section into a frenzy.

It appeared as if the problem had been fixed, and the game would be played after all. I couldn’t help but think that this game would be remembered for a long time as something along the lines of the “power outage game,” and be added to Reilly Center lore.

But it didn’t end there.

Everyone back into place, the Bonnies ran out to warm up once again. The crowd was alive, and Twitter was going crazy trying to keep up with what exactly was going on.

However, Matt Mobley barely had time to lead the team out and drop in a lay-up before the jumbotron went dark with an abrupt bang.

Next were the scoreboards on the ends of the gym, then the overhead lights.

At this point, the night was starting to feel like a nightmare.

The teams retreated back into the locker rooms, and everyone anxiously waited once again to hear a final word on what the outcome of the game would be.

The crowd was thinning, but those remaining could still be heard.

You could feel the collective frustration bouncing around the arena.

The players wanted to play, the coaches wanted to coach, and the Wolf Pack wanted to be the Wolf Pack.

At approximately 8:35 pm, the official announcement was made that the game would not be played. The arena was empty in an instant.

The decision was made that the game would be ruled a “no contest,” meaning that it would not count toward the record of either team. Rumors that the home team would have to forfeit if the game was not played were shot down in an instant, and a frustrated Bonas community went on its way.

After the game, barely a soul could be found throughout the arena.

The only people left were a few scattered security guards making sure everyone exited safely. After all—the power was scheduled to go out for another test in 5 minutes, as was announced. Leftover pizza sat under the continually-flickering lights of the media room.

After the frenzy of events was over, I had to take a few minutes to make sense of what had just happened.

After a heartbreaking loss to Niagara University last Friday night, now Bonas fans had to go through this? An unpredictable and unforgettable start to a season where many experts had the Bonnies making the NCAA tournament.

St. Bonaventure’s next game will be played Saturday afternoon vs Jackson State University at 4:00 pm. Who knows what will happen next? Bonnies fans have already had enough disappointment and bewilderment for a whole season.

If one thing is for sure, it is that November 15, 2017 in the Reilly Center is a day that will be remembered around the community for years to come. A decade from now, alumni and staff will reminisce:

“Remember the night when the power went out? Twice?”

I certainly won’t forget.

Men’s basketball: Maryland-Eastern Shore Preview

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio and Jeff Fasoldt @Jeff_Fasoldt

After getting back to their winning ways on Saturday, the St. Bonaventure Bonnies return to the Reilly Center on Monday at 7, when they will host Maryland-Eastern Shore in their last game before Christmas.

The Hawks come into this one with a record of 5-8. They are better than the Binghamton team SBU played two days ago on both sides of the floor, coming in having won four of their last six games, including a win over Fordham in the Bronx. Their losses came against tough competition like Villanova, VCU and Old Dominion.

This is not one the Bonnies will be able to come into with a “just show up and blow them out” mindset. They have not played as well as they should have against subpar competition this year, barely beating Jackson State and struggling in the first half against Binghamton before pulling away in the second half. Can they play with some intensity and win impressively on Monday night? Here’s the full breakdown:

The Coaches:

St. Bonaventure- Mark Schmidt. 114-111 as Bonnies head coach

Maryland Eastern-Shore- Bobby Collins. 5-8 as Hawks head coach

Key players for Maryland-Eastern Shore:

Mike Myers- 6-8 senior forward. Myers is the Hawks leading scorer at 13.6 points per game on a team that otherwise struggles to score. They are averaging around 56 points per game as a team, good enough for 339th in the nation. Myers will have to boss around Youssou Ndoye and Dion Wright inside if Maryland Eastern-Shore wants to win.

Devin Martin- 6-4 junior guard. Martin is the best the Hawks have to offer at the guard spot. He has good size for a guard and can stroke the three-ball at 39 percent. He comes into the game behind only Myers in scoring at 12.2 points per game.

Keys to victory for Maryland-Eastern Shore:

Mike Myers and Devin Martin are very simply the keys to the game for Maryland Eastern-Shore. They are the only two players on the team that are averaging more 10 points per game. Size will be an issue for the Hawks as there is no one taller than 6-9 on their roster. This team does shoot well from three so I expect there to be a heavy dose of shots from behind the arc.

Keys to victory for St. Bonaventure: As we get closer to Atlantic 10 play, the Bonnies will have to improve their perimeter defense, which has become a recurring issue in this 7-2 start. Opponents are shooting 34.2 percent from three, a much higher mark than what Davidson (26.3), Rhode Island (28.8) and George Washington (28.9) are allowing from behind the arc. The saving grace when it comes to three-point land has been that Bona is shooting at 36.6 percent from deep, so they have been able to match their opponents’ output, but there are going to be games when those outside shots just aren’t falling. Denying the opposition open looks is going to be important, and a Hawks team that shoots 34 percent from distance is a good test for SBU to start making it difficult for teams from long-range.

The Predictions: 

Jeff- Because the Bonnies played down to their opponent against Binghamton, I would think that they might struggle in the first half tonight, but in the end they will beat a much less talented Hawks team 66-50.

Chuckie- They will face some resistance at times, and not having the student section behind them will lead to a close first half, but the Bonnies will pull this one out by double-digits in the end. 73-58 Bonnies.