#SBUStandsWithMizzou: Alumni fire back on social media

By Liam McGurl

[Photo retrieved from sbu.edu]

Recent social media dialogue between current Bonaventure students, faculty and alumni regarding the recent events at the University of Missouri has sparked a cultural conversation on campus.  

According to the Associated Press, a series of protests ensued after university officials’ alleged poor handling of racial issues at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) was publicized.  As a result of these protests and media spotlight on Mizzou, Tim Wolfe, the university president, and Richard Bowen Loftin, the university chancellor, were asked to resign—creating controversy between both sides of the race-related issue.

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Alumni comments don’t represent Franciscan values

By Hannah Vail

[Photo retrieved from sbu.edu]

On Nov. 19, almost 100 St. Bonaventure University students, faculty and administrators posed for a picture to stand in solidarity with University of Missouri students of color and allies who recently protested a series of racial incidents on campus that went unaddressed by administration.

The demonstration was met with a deluge of less-than-enthusiastic feedback, mostly from SBU alumni (and the odd troll who never even attended the university). Comments ranged from telling SBU students to “Get a life,” to lamentations of the university’s decline. There was even a declaration from one commenter that she would not hire SBU alumni anymore. (As many current students pointed out, we probably wouldn’t want to work for her anyway).

I could write a piece about why it is important to stand behind Mizzou and other universities protesting racial inequality, but I won’t. I could pen a diatribe about how out of touch older generations are with social and political climates, but I won’t. Instead, I want to talk about Franciscan values.

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