Features: @hannahgeeh profiles a recent #Transparent concert

By Hannah Gordon, @hannahgeeh 

On Sept. 26, the undiscovered heavy rock band, Transparent, performed at Rock’n Ricks in Limestone, N.Y. Although Transparent has been together for three years, this was the first performance with their current lineup: Matt Sassano (lead vocals), Tyler Connor (backing vocals and screams), Bradley Meise (lead guitar), Quintin Olix (rhythm guitar) and Daine Brogley (drums).


Transparent’s album, Light in Darkness, released on June 6, 2013, features the song “Bridges” which is included on the soundtrack for the videogame NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. Other noteworthy songs on the album include “Paranoid” and “March of the Damned.” The band’s recordings set high expectations for the live performance, and they definitely delivered.

Despite technical difficulties in the middle of the show, Transparent performed an impressive set, lacking common faults you’d expect in a local show. The band radiated energy, almost to the point that there was too much for the amount of people present. Sassano involved the audience with clapping, asking questions and making personal connections; he even dropped to his knees during “Paranoid,” a song about a mental patient, to add a dramatic visual for the audience. Transparent needs a big audience; 20-people shows aren’t going to cut it for a band that has already surpassed many of it’s kind in showmanship.

The high enthusiasm would be nothing without good music to back it up. The instrumentalists seemed to really have their act together, especially for a first show as a group. Brogley didn’t miss a beat on drums. In general, the music was above average in comparison to most unsigned bands.

However, the show wasn’t perfect. There were awkward spots on stage, moments where one member wasn’t meeting another’s energy or enthusiasm or someone was just standing around instead of engaging the audience or looking passionate about their music. Towards the beginning of the set, the band seemed a bit uneasy, awkward even, on stage. I blamed it on nerves. While the out-of-place pauses and tense side-glances dissipated, Transparent definitely needs to work on exterminating their presence at all.


Was this show the best local concert I’ve ever attended? No, but it sure wasn’t the worst. Had there been a better audience attendance, I believe it might’ve helped the band, if for nothing but confidence. Rock’n Ricks is a great venue for local bands to play. Bands looking to get their feet wet in the local music scene should certainly take advantage of the venue. I will definitely continue to listen to Transparent, and I suggest anyone that likes heavy rock to check them out.

You can buy their single “Bridges” on iTunes or listen at https://www.facebook.com/transparentband.