Review: Kid Ink’s Full Speed

By Sean Lynch 

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Kid Ink has come back in full force after the release of his second studio album My Own Lane. After My Own Lane came out to rave reviews, Ink looked to continuing his success through the release of Full Speed, and is continuing his transition from Rap to a R&B/Dance Rap style. The album is charged with animated beats and energy unmatched by few other albums.

The album is stacked with a ton of featured artists including R.Kelly, Migos, Trey Songz and Chris Brown. Ink built up his reputation with his last album so he utilized it by building this star-studded ensemble for Full Speed. This strong supporting ensemble helps out Ink by making the album stronger than it actually is because without the help, the album would not be the same.

”What it Feels Like” is an energetic and vibrant song that thrives on blaring trumpets and the drum machine in its background beat. For a track without any featured artists, Ink includes some of his better vocals on the track because it is not auto-tuned and it shows off his natural voice.

“Body Language” is another song that is animated through its beat. Ink has some of his better lyrics on this album, and it shows in this song. Usher actually takes over most of the singing duties in “Body Language” and does a great job keeping the energy going. Other songs that are worth a listen include “Dolo,” “Hotel” and “Every City We Go”. “Hotel” is definitely made better with the use of Chris Brown. Coming off a Grammy nomination for best R&B song for “New Flame”, Brown shows why he is going to continue his success in 2015 with his soft but powerful vocals leading “Hotel” forward.

Full Speed is a very dance oriented album. The bouncy beats and catchy hooks will keep you dancing all day. Kid Ink gets more credibility than he deserves on the album because of the strong group of collaborators that he built up on, but Ink still has some great raps within the album. If you are looking for something to really get your party going, then you would really enjoy this album.