Column: Fans should stop tweeting at recruits

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By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

Former NFL coach Herman Edwards always says the league’s players need a “Don’t Press Send” button to stop them from foolish social media posts.

College sports fans may need the same feature.

The scenario plays out a similar way across the nation: a high school athlete tweets that he has received a scholarship offer. The kid is so excited to be on the path to college ball that he can’t help spreading the news, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Another group of people can’t help themselves either: the fans.

Alumni, students and fans love these tweets; some are borderline obsessed. The second a recruit’s tweet appears on their timeline, they’re hitting the “reply” button, encouraging him to commit and sign that letter of intent.

The posts seem like harmless displays of fan support, and most of the prep athletes appreciate the attention (Millennials, right?).

What most of these fans don’t know is that by pressing send, they are committing an NCAA violation.

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