SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 4

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

St. Bonaventure University students went back in time on the fourth day of Spirit Week with Throwback Thursday. From the time of hippies to 1990s pop, some students chose to adorn ensembles from different eras.

Today, The Intrepid asked students what word they would use to describe the Bonaventure experience.tbt

“Family, because I feel like it is a second home and second family for me,” said freshman and international studies major Flavia Pietrobattista. “The education system at Bonaventure is great. Everyone seemed so friendly to me, especially coming from another country. I am enjoying doing new things everyday in the community here.”

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SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 1

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

As Spirit Week begins at St. Bonaventure University, students have the opportunity to show their Bona pride and participate in dressing up to match a new theme for each day of the week. On Monday Nov. 9, some chose to partake in “Jersey Day,” a day that they could wear jerseys in support of their favorite teams.

Today, The Intrepid asked students why they chose to come to Bonaventure, and their responses related back to the university’s community.


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