Carney’s influence reaches beyond St. Bonaventure campus

By Jason Klaiber and Bryce Spadafora

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Sr. Margaret Carney, O.S.F., will step down from her position as St. Bonaventure’s president on July 31, leaving behind a 12-year record of influence spanning not only this campus but also the surrounding western New York region.

Carney, 74, assumed her role as the 20th president of St. Bonaventure in 2004, following the university’s 2003 men’s basketball team scandal, which revolved around former president Robert Wickensheiser’s permission for an ineligible transfer student to receive playing time.

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Sr. Margaret Carney discusses departure from SBU

By Liam McGurl

Featured image: Sr. Margaret Carney, O.S.F., and Board of Trustees Chair Robert Daugherty

[Photo courtesy of Liam McGurl]

The fourth longest serving president in St. Bonaventure University history, Sister Margaret Carney, O.S.F., announced Tuesday that she will be stepping down from her position after the 2016 spring semester.

The Bonaventure community was first notified of Carney’s decision early Tuesday morning through an SBU News email.  Discussing her 12-year presidency, her discernment over proper timing for departure and plans for the future, Carney explained the thought process surrounding this decision.

…I felt it important that I directly communicate with you and make clear my reasons for its timing,” Carney said in the official announcement. 

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SGA meeting: New officers inducted

By Elyse Breeze

Tuesday night’s meeting of the St. Bonaventure University Student Government Association honored those who have served as officers, and those who are serving this coming fall. The ceremony began with an opening prayer conducted by Fr. Francis. Sr. Margaret Carney then inducted the newly elected SGA executive president, Alexander Noguerola.

Members of four years, one year, and a new officer for this fall spoke about their experiences with the SGA, how it has influenced their Bonaventure experience, and what they are hoping to gain as members now and in the future.

Previous vice president Abby Harrington, a senior childhood studies major, expressed her confidence and expectations of the newly appointed president and vice president.

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What is Hilbert College?

By Joe Pinter, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Nov. 12) – About 60 miles separate St. Bonaventure University from Hilbert College in Hamburg, N.Y.

The short drive between the two Franciscan schools has helped the respective administrations to share certain services and even house a portion of Bonaventure’s graduate school on the Hilbert campus, what is now referred to as, “the Buffalo Center.”

But until now, the cooperation between the two small, four-year institutions was limited.

Sr. Margaret Carney, Bonaventure president, recently announced a feasibility study looking into a strategic alliance between Bonaventure and Hilbert. The study was handily approved by both boards of trustees.

Not all of Bonaventure’s students know much about Hilbert. In fact, many of the students from out-of-state know very little at all about Hilbert.

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Bonaventure community gathers to remember 9/11

By Tanner Jubenville, Staff Writer, @TMJubenville

ST. BONAVENTURE (Sept. 11) — At 12:50 p.m., Br. Ed Coughlin, O.F.M., led a group of about 150 people in prayer at St. Joseph’s Oratory to mark the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

After the Prayer of the Faithful and a scripture reading from the Prophet Isaiah, all who were present were encouraged to recite a prayer. The prayer, which was first given by Pope Benedict XI at Ground Zero in 2008, called for peace in our violent world. From New York City to Shanksville, Pa., to the Pentagon, the prayer acknowledged all who had lost their lives.

At the end of the ceremony, Sr. Margaret Carney, O.S.F., placed a flower on the 9/11 memorial, and all in attendance followed suit.

[Photos by Melissa Scott]

University president helps out women’s rugby team

[Photos courtesy of Tony Lee]

By Sara Johnson, Staff Writer, @sarajohnsauce

ST. BONAVENTURE (Feb. 17) – After a winless season two years ago, the St. Bonaventure University women’s rugby team has had a 180-degree transformation, named New York State Champions and ranked fourth nationally this past fall.

Last Friday, the president of St. Bonaventure University, Sister Margaret Carney, O.S.F., hosted the first annual SBU women’s rugby banquet in celebration of the team’s accomplishments.

The faculty advisor, Tracy Schrems, had planned the banquet earlier in the winning season, but after Sr. Margaret got word, she insisted on hosting the banquet herself.

“When Sr. Margaret heard I was footing the bill for the banquet, she said, ‘No, you’re not,’” said Schrems, an English professor. “And when a nun tells you to do something, you do it.”

Sr. Margaret said she has never been more proud of this group of girls and couldn’t have been happier to provide this banquet for them.

“They are state champions and went on to Nationals, and I believe they deserve to be recognized for that in a very special way,” said Sr. Margaret.

Over the past few years, Sr. Margaret has seen the hard work and dedication the team has put into its seasons.

“They are a club sport and have to operate so much more on their own,” said Sr. Margaret. “I really admire that all the more because they don’t get the same support as the A-10 sports do.”

And to the players, the banquet was a symbol of success.

“We’ve gone from nothing to something, and Sr. Margaret saw that, too,” said Kayla O’Keefe, co-captain of the women’s team.

The team repeatedly mentioned how appreciative they are of the support they received from Sr. Margaret throughout the whole season.

“She was cheering for us from the beginning to the end,” said junior Rebecca Weitzel. “She even came to watch us play in Nationals in New Jersey. Having that support from the president of the university made us want to make the school proud. And I think we did that.”

As for next year, Sr. Margaret has high hopes for another successful season.

“That momentum builds, and I’m very eager and optimistic for the team to do well next year,” said Sr. Margaret.

Business dean has open heart surgery

UPDATE – 11:08 a.m.

ST. BONAVENTURE (Nov. 17) — Brian McAllister, interim dean of the School of Business, had a successful open heart surgery Wednesday in Buffalo, his family reports, according to university Notice Board.

St. Bonaventure University President Sr. Margaret Carney, O.S.F., said via email Carol Fischer, associate dean of the School of Business, will lead the business school. She also asked to keep McAllister and his family in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

To read a story about when McAllister became the interim dean last May, click here:

Faculty Senate approves new J-School major

By Tony Lee, editor in chief, @sHecKii

ST. BONAVENTURE (Oct. 17) – The Faculty Senate approved a groundbreaking new major Friday proposed by the members of the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The new major, titled strategic communication and digital media, will now go to University President Sr. Margaret Carney, O.S.F., for approval.

“We expect Sr. Margaret to approve the proposal since she has been a supporter all along,” said Pauline Hoffmann, interim dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. “As the Dean, I had to answer all questions and address concerns at the Faculty Senate’s curriculum committee and at the Senate level. It reinforced for me that this is absolutely the correct major for our students.”

Chris Mackowski, one of the four Jandoli School professors assigned by former dean Lee Coppola to put together this new major, said it will then get passed on to the State Department of Education for final approval before the university can start offering bachelor’s degrees.

“This is a big step forward for us as we continue to adapt our curriculum to meet the changing dynamics of the industry,” Mackowski said. “We’re going to serve our students — and attract a lot of new ones, too.”

Br. Basil Valente, O.F.M., director of Integrated Marketing Communications, said the major — which could be offered as early as fall 2012 — will focus on digital and emerging media, providing students an opportunity to understand cutting-edge communication channels and how it can relate to traditional media as well.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues as we build the new undergraduate program and ensure its status as directly connected to our graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications,” he said.

Br. Basil, who worked with Mackowski, Shelley Jack, a visiting professor, and Pauline Hoffmann, the interim dean of the Jandoli School, on this major, said this would allow the university to create an on-campus strategic communications agency.

“(The agency will be) designed to provide intensive experiential learning opportunities for students while also providing professional services in for-profit and not-for-profit business sectors,” he said.

According to the Faculty Senate constitution, the teaching faculty has the responsibility for the legislation of general policies on academic matters concerning undergraduate schools, including curricula; requirements for degrees; and the establishment, modification or discontinuance of any school, department, curriculum or program.