Fangs Baring: “The Wolf of Wall Street”

By Andrew Bevevino

Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. The phrase is old, but Martin Scorsese’s newest epic, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” breathes new life into the words. This tale of a self-built stock market schemer has more drugs than a pharmacy, features a powerful rock soundtrack, and shows enough sex to turn away your grandmother.

Based on a true story, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a about a crazy-charismatic stock broker named Jordan Belfort and his rise as a money-laundering millionaire. Played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jordan begins his journey on Wall Street at L.F. Rothschild, a stock firm with a longstanding reputation of excellence.

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It might be 2014, but we have our top-10 favorite films from 2013

By Jordon Hall

The year 2013 had to follow an epic year of 2012, which had monster blockbusters: “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Avengers” and “Skyfall” (which all made over a billion dollars.)

Then you had numerous films that were nominated or snubbed: “Argo,” “Lincoln” and “Silver Lining’s Playbook”. The year 2013 had a lot less hype going into this year. We found out we had a new Batman, The Avengers’ cast were all in solo films, another silly “Fast and Furious” movie, Johnny Depp still playing subpar roles, Will Smith playing second-fiddle to his son, Tom Cruise in another crappy scientology movie and the man who played Tony Soprano left us (James Gandolfini).

It is safe to say it was a different year in film, but that doesn’t mean there still wasn’t great movies to see in theaters.

Films I didn’t have a chance to see: “The Hobbit,” “Pacific Rim,” “12 Years A Slave,” “We’re the Miller’s” and “Rush.”

Honorable Mention: “Don Jon,” “The Purge,” “Enough Said,” “The Butler,” “Word War Z” and “Elysium.”

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