‘White People’ documentary plays at Bonaventure

By Sarah Waychoff

Image retrieved from newsbusters.org

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, St. Bonaventure University hosted one of many talks on the subject of “Race Matters”. The program #RaceMatters was designed to start a dialogue with students on the difficult discussion of racial issues on campus.

The event on Wednesday was a viewing of the MTV documentary ‘White People’. The film follows Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker, Jose Antonio Vargas, as he travels across country to speak on racism.  Vargas calls to question what is fair when it comes to affirmative action, if colorblindness is a good thing, what privilege really means and what it is like to become the “white minority” in a neighborhood.

The documentary focuses on how younger whites view matters of race, including those afflicted by a sense of victimization regarding affirmative-action policies and those who favor a color-blind society. As one of the people interviewed in the film says, whiteness is too often seen as “the default”.

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